Diving Trip Special Offer Flores and Alor on Tiare Liveaboard

Diving Trip Special Offer Alor and Flores on Tiare Liveaboard

Diving Trip Special Offer Alor & Flores on Tiare Liveaboard 20% Off



Great opportunity to dive Flores Sea and Alor Straits on the brand new phinisi liveaboard: Tiare!

Diving Trip to Alor Straits, 07 nights, 20% discount on all our diving trips 

  • TRIP DEPARTURES ON 2017: before USD 3640, now USD 2912
  • September 4-11 2017, East Flores and Alor, from Maumere to Kalabahi
  • September 14-21 2017, Alor and Lembata, from Kalabahi to Kalabahi
  • TRIP DEPARTURES ON 2018: before USD 3780, now USD 3024
  • June 11-18 2018, Alor and Lembata, from Kalabahi to Maumere
  • August 24-31 2018, East Flores and Alor, from Maumere to Kalabahi

Flores and Alor Straits on Banda Sea  | The Liveaboard BOOK NOW!

Remote and untouched the 18 volcanic islands of Alor and Solor group are considered one of the best diving destinations in Asia. Tourism does not existent and only few divers have explored these waters. One of the very last traditional whale hunter communities on the planet still lives in this magical archipelago. The waters around the islands are known for their strong currents; with each tide large water masses are pushed through the straits causing strong upwelling. The straits play an important role in the exchange of marine life between the Indian and Pacific Ocean. Each year whales and dolphins travel from the Pacific and Indian Ocean through the deep but narrow Nusa Tenggara island chain.


Diving Trip to East Flores and Alor on Tiare Liveaboard

East Flores and Alor Dive Cruises -7NN- Factsheet

All you need to know about this diving trip


  • Arrival and departure airport transfers
  • Accommodation on board
  • Five meals a day
  • Aqua, tea, coffee, soft drinks, natural juice
  • Complimentary bottle of wine with dinner
  • 3 dives a day + 1 night dives
  • Excursions according on board program
  • Tank, belt and weights
  • Nitrox fills for certified nitrox divers
  • Toiletries
  • Masseuse & Spa treatments
  • Laundry
  • Free advice about connecting flights and eventual stops over in Indonesia


  • National Park Entrance Fees
  • tiare_liveaboard_phinisi_prow
  • Harbor Fees
  • Environment Safety Fee
  • Fuel Surcharge
  • Alcoholic beverages, espresso, cappuccino
  • Crew gratuities
  • Diving Insurance, we highly recommended DAN
  • Travel Insurance, we highly recommended World Nomads Travel Insurance
  • Hotel and meals before and after your cruise*
  • International and domestic flights*
  • One transit night depending of your connecting flights*

Terms & Conditions

  • tiare_liveaboard_sun_deck
  • Booking by Cabin
  • 25% as deposit for booking confirmation
  • 100% 60 days before cruise departure
  • Private Cruises & Charters
  • A 15% deposit for booking confirmation
  • 50% 120 days before cruise departure
  • 100% 60 days before cruise departure

Cancellation Policy

  • Booking by Cabin
  • More than 60 days before departure: 75% refund
  • 60-30 days: 10% refund
  • Less than 30 days: 0% refund
  • Private Cruises & Charters
  • More than 120 days before departure: 85% refund
  • 120-60 days: 50% refund
  • Less than 60 days: 0% refund

Tailor-Made Travel

(*) We can organise all your flight itinerary, land services and eventual extensions with the best market price.

Contact us for planning your custom made diving holidays. 

Diving in Alor Strait and Solor Island Group

These cruises will sail and dive the Alor Strait from north to south. You will spend memorable dive time in the islands of Pantar, Kumba, Ternate, Pura and the Bay of Kalabahi. The very clear and nutrient rich upwelling waters bring in pelagic: sun fish (mola-mola), reef sharks and sometime hammerhead sharks, sailfishes. Whales also frequently pass through the strait.

Walls, drop offs, boomies and pinnacles are incredible colourfully. © Photo Gianluca Afflitti.

Walls, drop offs, boomies and pinnacles are incredible colourfully. One dive site has a bottom literally covered with anemones. In Alor critters can be encountered in colourful reef environment and in the black sand bays of Kalabahi and Biang. Tide induced currents are strong in the straits, so caution must be taken in choosing the dives sites. In the northern part water temperature is about 26 to 28°C, and in the south it can drop to 22°C, around Pura island and in Biang Bay. We will explore some rarely dived areas around the island of Twereg, and in the south of Alor and Pantar.

The children of Alor in their canoes, will delight the photographers, divers or not. © Photo Gianluca Afflitti.

The children of Alor in their canoes, will delight the photographers, divers or not. On land we will visit a village where we will see traditional dances. In the bay of Biang, we will go ashore for a short trek on the slopes of the Sirung volcano. The second part of the cruise will be partially exploratory -we already tested and trusted some dive sites but are looking for discovering more-, visiting the South of Pantar islands and the straits between the islands of Pantar, Solor and Lembata. A visit to the Komba active volcano for a spectacular night show is on the schedule.

Encounters with rhinopias are common diving in Alor. © Photo Gianluca Afflitti.

Diving Environment at Alor Strait

A few muck and critters dives in Alor Strait and Adonara Island. Encounters with frogfish, ghost pipefish, rhinopias and cepalopods are common diving in Alor. Most of the dives will however be on walls and slopes with a beautiful fixed fauna, numerous schools of fish and some pelagics. Eagle rays, tunas, giant trevally, school of spadefish, black and white tip sharks, pods of blackfish as a dolphins, pilote whales, false killer whales; and maybe orcas and big whales.

Man size forest of soft coral. © Photo Gianluca Afflitti.


The visibility is expected to be very good all along this itinerary, about 30 meters and more.

Water Temperature

Sea temperature is about 28°C on most of the dives; in Alor Strait it is cooler, about 26 and less in the South part of the Strait where it can drop to 22°C.  A 5 mm long wetsuit and a hood are recommended for this diving trip.


The currents can be strong in Alor Strait; on other places we do not expect much current. We always try to avoid too strong currents, however this is not always possible and conditions can also change quickly. We recommend a consistent dive experience for this cruise.

Navigation & Itinerary

The itinerary varies slightly between each cruise depending on weather conditions, currents, visibility and suitability for diving activities.


The weather is generally dry and sunny with a refreshing breeze. The sea is flat within the strait, can be more choppy and welly in the southern part.

Embark and Disembark -  Domestic Flights - In Transit Accommodations

On September 4-11, 2017, Diving Trip East Flores and Alor, from Maumere to Kalabahi

  • Embarking port: Maumere. Airport: Maumere in Flores
  • Disembarking port: Kalabahi. Airport: Alor in Alor Island
  • You will need a flight from Jakarta-Maumere / Alor-Jakarta in connection with your international flights.

On September 14-21 2017, Diving Trip Alor and Lembata, from Kalabahi to Kalabahi

  • Embarking port: Kalabahi. Airport: Alor in Alor Island
  • Disembarking port: Kalabahi. Airport: Alor in Alor Island
  • You will need a flight from Jakarta-Alor-Jakarta in connection with your international flights.

At your arrival at airport, our staff will be there to pick you up: you will easily identify them wearing their Tiare Liveaboard T-shirt and a folder mentioning your name and our logotype.

  • Check in: the cruise starting date, before 12:00pm.
  • Check out: at the cruise ending date, before 12:00pm.

You might need spend one transit night before and after your diving trip depending of your international flights.

So complicated? Contact Us We have the most competitive airfare (domestic & international) and accommodations for all range of budget.

Tiare Liveaboard Technical Data

Cruising Indonesia is proud to introduce Tiare Liveaboard, a 36m brand new luxury sailing yacht starting operations on April 2017. Design and concept is the cornerstone of the quality of service on Tiare Liveaboard, and she promises cater to the needs of the most exigent divers: dive in top world class exotic scuba diving destinations according to the comfortable and wealthy life stile they are accustomed to have.

Tiare Liveaboard a 36m brand new luxury sailing yacht by Cruising Indonesia

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