Komodo National Park

Last Minute Diving Trip Bali Komodo on Samambaia Liveaboard

Last Minute Diving Trip to Komodo June 2017 on Samambaia Liveaboard

Jun 30-Jul 7 2017, 07 nights, Bali Komodo from Serangan to Labuanbajo, before USD 3010 now USD 2500 diver price, no diver price -15% additional discount

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The Komodo National Park is claimed by most of the diving magazines as the best diving in Indonesia and right up there with the leading dive destinations in the world. The park hosts one of the richest marine environments including coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass beds, seamounts and semi-enclosed bays where has been registered more than 1,000 species of fish, 260 species of reef-building coral and 70 species of sponges. Oceanic mantas, sea turtles and marine mammals live in the waters of Komodo, and passing whales are also spotted. If Komodo's underwater delights were not enough, there is also the 3 meters long lizard walking around Rinca, Kode and Komodo and looking like something coming straight from the age of the dinosaurs. This a trip that promises to surprises, under and above the water!


Diving Trip Bali - Komodo on Samambaia Liveaboard 

All you need to know about this trip

Bali Komodo Dive Cruise Jun 30-Jul 7, 2017 Factsheet


Diver Price: Deluxe cabin USD 2500 per person

No Diver Price: additional discount -15%


  • Arrival and departure airport transfer
  • Accommodation on board, meals, snacks, aqua, tea and coffee, espresso, cappuccino, soft drinks and beer
  • 3 dives a day + 1 night dive (except on day of arrival & departure)
  • Nitrox fills -for certified divers-
  • Excursions according on board program
  • Tanks, belts and weights
  • Free advice about connecting flights and eventual stop over in Indonesia



  • Port Clearance Fees, Fuel Surcharge and National Park Entrance Fees: USD 75 + USD150 + USD 100 /cruise/pax
  • Wine and alcoholic beverages
  • Introductory diving and certification courses are available by prior request only, except for Nitrox courses that fit easily into the normal diving day
  • Dive equipment rental
  • Laundry
  • Hotel and meals before and after your cruise
  • International and domestic flights -we can organise all your flight itinerary with the best market price-
  • One transit night depending of your connecting flights -we can organise all your land services and eventual extensions with the best market price-


Terms & Conditions

  • Booking by Cabin
  • 20% as deposit for booking confirmation
  • 100% full payment, 90 days before cruise departure
  • Private Cruises & Charters
  • A 20% deposit for booking confirmation
  • 50% of total payment, 180 days before cruise departure
  • 100% full payment, 90 days before cruise departure

Cancellation Policy

  • Booking by Cabin
  • More than 90 days before departure: 80% refund
  • 89-60 days: 50% refund
  • Less than 60 days: 0% refund
  • diving_trip_on_samambaia_liveaboard_dive_deck
  • Private Cruises & Charters
  • More than 180 days before departure: 80% refund
  • 180-91 days: 50% refund
  • Less than 90 days: 0% refund

Embark & Disembark

  • Embark: Serangan. Airport: Denpasar
  • Disembark: Labuanbajo - Airport: Labuanbajo

At your arrival at airport, our staff will be there to pick you up: you will easily identify them wearing their Samambaia t-shirt and a folder mentioning your name and our logotype.

  • Check in: the cruise starting date, before 12:00pm.
  • Check out: at the cruise ending date, before 12:00pm.

Domestic Flights & in Transit Accommodations

You will need a flight from Jakarta-Bali and Labuanbajo-Jakarta in connection with your international flights.

You might need spend one transit night before and after your diving trip depending of your international flights.

So complicated? Contact Us We have the most competitive airfare (domestic & international) and accommodations for all range of budget.


Special package Liveaboard Diving + Air Tickets

Cruising Indonesia makes your travel easier with this special package:

- Samambaia Liveaboard Diving Trip Jun 30 - Jul 7 2017, 07 nights, Bali-Komodo

- Domestic flights: Jakarta-Bali-Labuanbajo-Bali-Jakarta

- Complimentary transit night on arrival, breakfast and airport transfers

TOTAL PRICE: EURO 3,200 per person on double accommodation BOOK NOW!


Inclusions: Arrival and departure airport transfers. Accommodation on board. Three meals a day on board plus homemade snacks at late afternoon. Aqua, tea, coffee, soft drinks, natural juice on board. 3 dives a day + 1 night dives. Excursions according on board program. Tank, belt and weights. Toiletries. Free advice about connecting flights and eventual stops over in Indonesia.

Exclusions: National Park Entrance Fees, Harbor Fees, Fuel Surcharge: EUR 125. Nitrox fills for certified nitrox divers. Alcoholic beverages other than beer. Crew gratuities. International and domestic airfare other that those indicated in this package. Hotel and meals before and after your cruise other that those indicated in this package.


Special package Liveaboard Diving + Air Tickets + Bali Island of Gods

Cruising Indonesia makes your travel more luxurious with this special package:

- Samambaia Liveaboard Diving Trip Jun 30 - Jul 7 2017, 07 nights, Bali-Komodo

- Domestic flights: Jakarta-Bali-Labuanbajo-Bali-Jakarta

- Complimentary transit night on arrival, breakfast and airport transfers

- Bali Villas by Cruising Indonesia, 10 nights, July 7-17 2017, Bali Island: Seminyak or Ubud or both, breakfast and airport transfers included


TOTAL PRICE: EURO 4,210 per person on double accommodation BOOK NOW!

Inclusions: Arrival and departure airport transfers. Accommodation on board. Three meals a day on board. Aqua, tea, coffee, soft drinks, natural juice on board. 3 dives a day + 1 night dives. Excursions according on board program. Tank, belt and weights. Toiletries. Free advice about connecting flights and eventual stops over in Indonesia.

Exclusions: National Park Entrance Fees, Harbor Fees, Fuel Surcharge: EUR 125. Nitrox fills for certified nitrox divers. Alcoholic beverages other than beer. Crew gratuities. International and domestic airfare other that those indicated in this package. Hotel and meals before and after your cruise other that those indicated in this package.


Diving in Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is one of the greatest dive destinations, and one of the most diverse and rich marine environments in the world. These small islands fringed with sandy beaches are home of the famous Komodo dragon that you may patrolling the beach or see you from viewing a rock. The coral reefs in the north of the park are rich with colorful combination of hard and soft corals. Be delighted with the schools of anthias, wrasses, angelfish and predators like reef sharks, tunas, and giant trevallies. In the South, soft corals color explode in variety and intensity together with numerous nudibranchs. Komodo offers a wide-range of diving experiences: high voltage current dives, drift dives gentle, colorful walls dives along drop offs, monumental boulders, seamounts, pinnacles and sandy slopes. 

Diving Environment at Komodo Archipelago

Komodo is ideally to spot manta rays, turtles, and sometimes even whale sharks. Sea life is abundant in Komodo National Park: barracudas, surgeonfish, bumphead parrotfish, trevally and giant trevally, Napoleon wrasse, wobbegong shark, tunas, mackarels, manta rays, mobulas, seahorses, frogfish, leaf fish, scorpionfish, black corals forests, gorgonian fields, soft corals, gorgonian fields.


Visibility is excellent in the whole northern part of the strait and on the way from Denpasar to Komodo. In the south it may be lower in some specific areas or for short periods.

Water Temperature

Temperature is 27°C in the north. Much cooler in the south with around 22-24°C. A 5 mm long wetsuit and a hood are recommended for this diving trip.


Komodo National Park is well known for its consistent currents that can be dangerous. We always try to avoid too strong currents, however this is not always possible and conditions can also change quickly. Any case we pay very much attention to dive at the right place at the right time in order to avoid that uncomfortable and dangerous currents. Before each dive, briefings will inform you about the diving conditions and advises will be given to always keep the dives safe. A consistent scuba diving experience is required for enjoying this fabulous cruise.

Navigation & Itinerary

The itinerary varies slightly between each cruise depending on weather conditions, currents, visibility and diving.


The weather is generally dry and sunny with a refreshing breeze. The sea is flat within the straits, can be more choppy and welly in the southern part.


Day 1: Embarkation

Depending on your pre-cruise arrangements a transfer to port is organised. Embarkation in the port of Serangan, Bali. A general orientation follows.

Day 2: Lombok

After an initial general dive briefing, we will do our check dive with you at an easy and protected dive site. Check dive in the sense of you checking your gear and weights, making sure the camera housings are proper sealed and our guides checking your buoyancy. No skill demonstrations are required. We will do three dives in total today at a fantastic sandy critter spot, closed to the famous Gili Islands. Though highly frequented areas, hardly anyone dives our favourite spot here as it is rather far away from these islands. You can expect: Frogfish, Ghostpipefish, Seahorses, Nudibranchs, Wonderpus...

Day 3: Moyo & Satonda

In the morning we will do two dives at Moyo. Here you will find yourself at very fishy walls in pristine conditions. The luxury resort Amanwana just around the corner has done excellent conservation work here for more than a decade and you can clearly see the results. A fish soup spiked with Trevallie, Tuna, Sharks. Having Eagle and Manta Rays passing by is not uncommon. In the afternoon we will do a relaxed dive at the island of Satonda. Capped with a land excursion in the afternoon to a beautiful crater lake.

Day 4: Sangeang

At the active vulcano of Sangeang you can expect superb black sand critter hunting. But it’s not only the critters like Nudibranchs, Ghostpipefish, Frogfish and Pygmy Seahorses that make the diving here so exciting, but also the stark contrast of colourful Black- and Whipcoral against the black sand. On the dive site ‘Bubble Reef’ you can see and feel the volcanic activity - gas bubble fields as well as hot water springs under water are the highlights here.

Day 5: Banta

Just outside the National Park of Komodo this island makes you feel as if you were already inside the park. We will spend the whole day in a great variety of dive sites. ‘Banta Wall’ also known as ‘The Rollercoaster’ is a spectacular wall - however, the timing with the currents and the swell is key to a safe and satisfying dive. And we get our timing right. GPS point is a reef more than half a mile north of Banta. Very fishy with the potential for Grey Reef Sharks and other big boys passing by. Again the timing here is key. One of our favourite spots here is our secret spot which happens to be a Manta cleaning station. For sunset we offer some trekking on a hill which will reward you with an epic view over the bay, the sun setting behind the vulcano of Sangeang. After Dinner we take you on a night dive on a sandy slope, where Stargazers will make an angry face at you.

Days 6: Komodo The North

We arrive in the morning in the northern part of the famous Komodo National Park. And straight away hit the signature dive sites ‘Crystal Rock’ and ‘Castle Rock’. Sharks, Jacks, Fish Soup. Action fuelled by current. In the afternoon and at night two more world-class dives at famous site like ‘The Golden Passage’, ‘The Cauldron’ or ‘Lighthouse’. Komodo National Park diving at it’s best.

Day 7: Komodo Central & Rinca

Heading south through the NP we have a wide selection of top dive sites, like ‘Tatawa Besar’, ‘Tatawa Kecil’, ‘Batu Bolong’, ‘Manta Point’. Three excellent day dives based upon conditions and availability. To cap this great day we offer a night dive at Wai Nilu, which ranks within the Top 5 favorite night dive spots allover Indonesia of our Cruise Director.

Day 8: Rinca

Trekking, then heading for Nusa Kode Trekking with Komodo dragons in the morning before it gets too hot in the sun. Expect to be eye in eye with the last dragons on this planet. A must when coming here. Local rangers take care of our safety. After this adventure we will be heading to the south of Rinca, also known as Nusa Kode or Horseshoe Bay. Some of the lushest diving Komodo National Park has to offer. During the months of May until October however, the waters are quite cold (down to 23°C) and the visibility is rather poor. You will be, however, rewarded with critter galore: Ambon Scorpionfish, Rhinopias, Frogfish, Wonderpus, Coconut Octopus paired with an overwhelming growth of soft and hard coral on the reefs. A very common sight at the beach are Komodo Dragons, Deer, Wild Boar and up in the trees you might spot a sea eagle.

Day 9: Nusa Kode

We offer three more day dives in the Horseshoe Bay. Some of our favourite dive sites here include: ‘Cannibal Rock’, ‘The Yellow Wall of Texas’, ‘Devil’s Corner’ and ‘Torpedo Alley’. In the afternoon we will leave this truly spectacular place and head back up north. For a night dive we will pull into the island of Pantar. Starry Night Octopus, Frogfish, rare Nudibranchs - this dive site never disappoints.

Day 10: Komodo Central & North

Today we will spend another full day around the heart of Komodo National Park. World class dive sites are plenty and if they are too busy, we have our favourite secret spots as well.

Day 11: Komodo Central

Depending on the flight schedule the day after, up to two more dives before lunch, then slowly heading back towards the port of Labuan Bajo. Stopover at a perfect beach in the afternoon.

Day 12: Disembarkation in Labuan Bajo

Depending on your flight schedule, our crew will check your luggage in for you in advance so you can rest on board and let us shuttle you to the airport when your plane is ready to leave.



Samambaia Boat Specifications

Samambaia Liveaboard, pointed out by diving magazine SCUBA DIVER Australasia as "possibly the best liveaboard in the world", is other amazing Indonesian indigenous wooden sailing vessel built under the Pinisi Tradition and transformed then on a functional, luxurious and smart Liveaboard diving-minded.


Diving with Samambaia Liveaboard

Diving Trip Organization


No cruise on MV Samambaia is like the other. Every single trip is tailor-made to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The decision on the itinerary is made by the cruise director as we cruise along and is based on factors such as weather conditions, dive conditions, requests of guests, schedules of other liveaboards, which we are trying to stay away from. 

  • There are however certain constants on every cruise which are:
Three day dives of minimum 1 hour duration
One sunset- or night dive (unless we have to cover a serious amount of miles over night)
  • Activities during the surface intervals such as: 
  • Scenic rides through lagoons and coves in our tenders
  • Trekking to breathtaking view points

  • Visits of secluded perfect beaches

  • Excursions to traditional villages 
  • Whale watching

  • Water action such as wake boarding and water skiing 


The Cuisine on Board

The cuisine on Samambaia Liveaboard is cared by its Italian owner. The 20sqm kitchen is adjacent to the lounge and allows the cooks to work in safety and comfort. Samambaia's cuisine is focus on fresh local ingredients. Bread and pastry is prepared every day. Fish and sea food are carefully chosen from sustainable sources only. A selection of wines rounds up the culinary experience.

Rental Equipment

There are some dive equipment to rent on board. However, all sizes are not necessarily available, so please book for it before the cruise.

  • Complete regulator with octopus and pressure gauge 10€/ day - 85€/ 11 night cruise
  • BCD 10€/ day - 85€/ 11 night cruise
  • Wetsuit, fins, mask & snorkel 15€/ day - 100€/ 11 night cruise
  • diving_trip_on_samambaia_liveaboard_camera_station
  • Torch 10€/ day - 60€/ 11 night cruise
  • Dive Computer 10€/ day - 60€/ 11 night cruise
  • 15 lt tank 60€/ 11 night cruise

Dive Courses on Board

Our cruises are open to divers Padi Advanced Level 2 or equivalent with at least 50 dives logged. Less experienced divers can also participate with a specific supervision that have to be arranged before the cruise.

  • Nitrox 160€
  • AOW 275€ 

Respect of Nature Guidelines

We will request the participants to fill up on board a statement of fitness for the dive activities.


We will ask you to carefully respect the fauna and flora: have adequate  buoyancy to avoid touching the substrate or break any corals; do not touch the animals, do not collect anything; do not to harass wildlife to photography and moderate the number of flashes you impose on them. The use of gloves is not allowed.

Diving Insurance

An insurance covering medical evacuation and diving accidents is compulsory. It will be requested upon arrival on board.

Extras - Payments on Board Samambaia

  • All extras are payable in cash on board. 
  • We can not receive payment by credit card.
  • Currencies accepted on board: EUR, USD, IDR.


They reflect your level of satisfaction with the service on board. As an indication: 5%-10% of the cruise rate.

What you don’t need bring with you on board Samambaia

  • Are provided on board: towels and toiletries, soap, shampoo.
  • Electrical outlets round European type are founded in the cabins, lounge, camera room. 
  • Hair dryer available on request.

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