Full diving experience in Raja Ampat on the Ambai Liveaboard

Diving Deal Raja Ampat -€800 with Ambai Liveaboard

Full Diving Experience Raja Ampat Ambai Liveaboard -€800

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December 11-22, 2018 - 11 nights - Raja Ampat - Before €4090 NOW €3290 + Nitrox Free

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Far to the wild eastern edge of the Indonesian archipelago there is a region with thousands of islands offering as many sites for scuba diving right in the heart of the Coral Triangle. It’s no a surprise that photographers and divers flock here from around the world to spend one or two weeks on a dive resort or on a liveaboard diving trip. You can be sure every effort will be rewarded: Raja Ampat homes more than 2,000 species of fish and almost 600 different corals -75 percent of the total known in all the planet-. What does it mean? That you will have the chance to see more marine life in Raja Ampat than anywhere else on the planet, because Raja Ampat’s reefs surpass any other reefs in the world in terms of abundance and diversity of fish, invertebrate and coral, scenic landscapes and the variety of diving conditions and topography.

Liveaboard diving in Raja Ampat

Diving Trip to Raja Ampat on Ambai Liveaboard

All you need to know about this diving trip

Raja Ampat Dive Cruise December 11-22, 2018


  • Arrival and departure airport transfer
  • Accommodation on board, meals and snacks
  • Aqua, tea and coffee. Also soft drinks and expresso coffee
  • 3 dives a day + 1 night dives according with navigation plan with 33 dives minimun
  • Excursions according on board program
  • Tanks and weights
  • Nitrox fills for certified nitrox divers
  • Toiletry


  • Harbor Fees and Permits. Raja Ampat 200€
  • alcoholic beverages: beers, wine & spirits
  • Masseuse
  • Laundry
  • International and domestic airfare

Embark - Disembark

  • Embarking port: Sorong
  • Disembarking port: Sorong

At your arrival at airport, our staff will be there to pick you up: you will easily identify them wearing our Liveaboard T-shirt and a folder mentioning your name and our logotype.

  • Check in: the cruise starting date, before 12:00pm.
  • Check out: at the cruise ending date, before 12:00pm.

Domestic Flights & in Transit Accommodations

You will need a return flight from Jakarta-Sorong-Jakarta in connection with your international flights. Your can also purchase a return flight Denpasar-Sorong-Denpasar but the flight is via Makassar-Ujung Pandang.

You might need spend one transit night before and after your diving trip depending of your international flights.

So complicated? Just contact us! We have the most competitive airfare at local market price -indonesian local market prices-, and accommodations for all range of budget.

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Full diving experience: Raja Ampat with Ambai Liveaboard

Diving in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat has often been qualified as the “last frontier” and this is really the feeling you will get in this area: one the rare untouched places on Earth. Our Raja Ampat dive cruises run from November to April, when the weather and the sea conditions are the most favorable. The main highlight of the area is the gorgeous abundance of life, both the fixed fauna such as corals and gorgonians and the stunning abundance of fish. Trevallies, barracudas, bumphead parrot fish, spade fish, surgeon fish, fusiliers often form big schools on the reefs. Mantas rays are generally present on at least two dive sites, and encounters with bigger fishes as tunas, spanish mackerels, reef sharks and the “carpet shark” or Wobeggon are frequent.

The topographies of the dive sites are also very diverse and interesting: pinnacles, ridges, walls, caves, rock formations and lagoons. You will also discover the incredible landscapes of this area; during our cruise we will propose you to visit at least one village, a short trek and many short trips with the dinghies to explore the beaches and other lagoons. Another optional trek is also proposed to look for Birds of Paradise.

Sea Life

What do you find diving Raja Ampat? Wobbegong sharks, epaulette "walking" shark, white, black and silver reef sharks, manta rays including some all-black mantas and 6m spawning scenic mantas, mobulas, hard corals and soft corals, gorgonians, sponges, giant clams, fire urchins, sea cucumbers, barracuda, bumphead parrotfish, napoleon wrasse, scrawled filefish, anemonefish, lionfish, unicornfish, flounder, gobies, lizardfish, snapper, trevally, fusiliers, sweetlips, surgeonfish, cardinalfish, titan triggerfish, red-tooth triggerfish, batfish, boxfish, cowfish, pufferfish, anthias, needlefish, glassfish, scorpionfish, jawfish, hawkfish, goatfish, bannerfish, moorish idols, robust and ornate ghost pipefish, waspfish, mandarin fish or dragonet, seamoth, pygmy seahorses: denise, bargibanti, pontohi, pipehorse, cuttlefish, bobtail squid, mantis shrimp, squat lobster, zebra crabs, reef octopus, morays, banded seasnakes, turtles, flatworms and nudibranchs, spanish dancer and pickachu, and the list go on…


Raja Ampat  waters are dense and visibility can rapidly change. Commonly you can see 20 meters away, but visibility can diminish in certain areas or punctually. 

Water Temperature

The temperature all year around in Raja Ampat is between 29 ̊ and 31 ̊C.  A 3 mm long wetsuit is enough.


Currents are consistent on a number of dives in Raja Ampat while some others are really quiet. Some dives on reefs or pinnacles have to be done on the current exposed side in order to enjoy the best fish life and can therefore be slightly “sporty”. Our dive guides always check the current before each dive and we will inform you of the conditions.

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Ambai Liveaboard

AMBAI LIVEABOARD is one of the most functional and efficient diving yachts that exists in Indonesia and boasts the experience of more than a decade of diving in the seas of the region. With a rate of 97% per year of occupation, Ambai cruises are normally reserved one or two years in advance, it will be very difficult to find another opportunity like this. We are currently diving Komodo, Mar de Banda and Raja Ampat, but we are available for private charters throughout the Indonesian archipelago.

Images of Ambai Liveaboard

Number of Dives

  • During this diving trip you will perform a minimum of 33 dives
  • no dives the day of arrival
  • 3 dives / day every day of the cruise
  • 6 night dives 
  • 1  dive  the  day  before  disembarking,  maybe  2  according  to  your  flight schedule (24h/No FLY)

Diving Standards

  • Dive time: 60 minutes
  • Maximum Depth: 35 meters
  • Dives into the safety curves
  • Bearing systematic security
  • 1 dive-guide / 4 divers maximum (4 guides/16 divers) 
  • Free nitrox for certified divers (possibility of certification on board) 
  • 3 fibreglass tenders 
  • The crew is at your service to carry your tank and gear 
  • 1 personal towel for  your return from diving

Diving Schedule

  • 1st dive: 07:00am
  • 2nd dive: 10:30am
  • 3rd dive: 02:30pm
  • Night dive: 06:30pm

Diving Organization

Due to the large number of dives and the remoteness of the location, we urge divers to stay within the safety curve, to comply with a maximum depth of 35 meters, and to systematically perform a safety stop. Depending on the guests dive experience, aspirations (photography, macro, etc), and eventual use  of nitrox (free for certified divers), the cruise director will arrange the diving groups. These groups are made up of four divers and a dive guide. The dive guides are rotating on a daily basis. Each diver is given a dive tank (DIN & INT available, no need for adapters) and a single location for the duration of the cruise. A briefing will be conducted by the director of cruises or one of the guides before each dive. It will provide guidance on the site topography, depths, currents and potential hazards, as well as on marine life and the species represented. The divers should always carry a marker buoy. The staff carries your tank between the MV Ambai and the dinghies and back. to the dinghies, tanks are disposed in slots and the guide will help you to gear just before to roll back for the dive. Identification books of flora and local fauna are available on board, and the dive guides or the skipper will always help you to identify the strange animal you just saw underwater.

Respect of Nature Guidelines

We will request the participants to fill up on board a statement of fitness for the dive activities. We will ask you to carefully respect the fauna and flora: have adequate  buoyancy to avoid touching the substrate or break any corals; do not touch the animals, do not collect anything; do not to harass wildlife to photography and moderate the number of flashes you impose on them. The use of gloves is not allowed.

Navigation & Itinerary

The itinerary varies slightly between each cruise depending on weather conditions, currents, visibility and diving.

Service on Board

Behind the MV Ambai there is also and mainly a discreet, professional, smiling and friendly crew. Our team will treat you with some special attentions, will assist you if necessary and will carry your tank.

The Cuisine

The cuisine is on MV Ambai a mix of eastern and western specialties, a superb fusion made by our expert chef that will never let you hungry. Shall you have special food requirement or a particular alimentary diet (vegetarian or allergy), our chef will adapt the meals for your greatest pleasure. The meals are served at table, no buffet.

Rental Equipment

There are some dive equipment to rent on board. However, all sizes are not necessarily available, so please book for it before the cruise.

Dive Courses on Board

Our cruises are open to divers Padi Advanced Level 2 or equivalent with at least 50 dives logged. Less experienced divers can also participate with a specific supervision that have to be arranged before the cruise.

Diving Insurance

An insurance covering medical evacuation and diving accidents is compulsory. It will be requested upon arrival on board.

Extras - Payments on Board

  • All extras are payable in cash on board. 
  • We can not receive payment by credit card.
  • Currencies accepted on board: EUR, USD, CHF, IDR.


They reflect your level of satisfaction with the service on board. As an indication: 5%-10% of the cruise rate.

What you don’t need bring with you on board

  • Are provided on board, towels and toiletries, soap, shampoo and toothpaste.
  • Electrical outlets round European type are founded in the cabins, lounge, camera room. 
  • Hair dryer available on request.

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