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Tiare Charters

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Tiare Cruise in Raja Ampat

The best way to enjoy the countless diving experiences that Raja Ampat offers is with a dive cruise or liveaboard, contact now a Liveaboard Specialist


Private Cruises & Charters on Tiare Liveaboard

Rent the luxurious Tiare Cruise, the brand-new yacht phinisi-style built by Cruising Indonesia and explore by your own the oceans of marine biodiversity of Indonesia; enjoying unparalleled privacy and comfort full catered by our amazing team of 16 crew, including 1 captain, 1 cruise manager, 2 dive guides and 2 chefs.

Careful guest service on a Tiare cruise charter

Cruising Indonesia: Our Private Charters on Tiare Cruise

Cruising Indonesia has over 15 years' experience in the liveaboard industry and knows very well what our clientele expects when deciding on a liveaboard vacation. Or what are the expectations of a customer who decides to celebrate a special event on a luxurious yacht. Spending a holiday at sea to dive, do snorkeling or island hopping is not for everyone, and rent a luxurious yacht much less. Every need or desire must be anticipated, otherwise, customer satisfaction will not be possible, despite the best intentions of the professional team on board. Our reservation team is able and ready to deal with all those exigencies.


Tiare Charters: Important Facts

What kind of destination experience you want?

Tiare Charters: Destinations

Raja Ampat is a Tiare Charter destination

The luxurious Tiare Cruise is technically fitted for private cruises and charters throughout the Indonesian archipelago, from the most unexplored Indonesian Borneo tip in the West to the far wild edge of West Papua in the East, from the outermost island groups of Talud and Sangihe on the North to the far-flung outspot as Rote in the South.

Tiare Liveaboard has been conceived to sail the length and breadth of the Indonesians seas with total autonomy, safety and comfort. Tiare technical features ensures swift operations and makes diving and sailing on board truly enjoyable, as its powerful marine engine that can reach 10-12 knot cruise speed, its capable fuel tanks of 11,000 litres and 10,000 of water storage and 6,000 of water makers or its huge and beautiful sky deck, ideally for memorable al fresco dinners and aperitifs.


When do you want to cruise?

Tiare Charters: Seasons

The Liveaboards in Indonesia tend to move seasonally and stay in one region for the entire season. In Tiare case, its operates year-round trips to Raja Ampat, Banda Sea, Forgotten Islands, Komodo National Park, Alor, Flores Sea, Cenderawasih Bay and many other destinations in Indonesia by request. Charter dates are flexible, these are the regular seasons:

  • May - September: Komodo National Park, Alor and Flores Sea
  • October - November: Banda Sea, Forgotten Islands, Spice Islands
  • November - March: Raja Ampat, Cenderawasih Bay
  • April - May: Banda Sea

Komodo is a Tiare Charter destination


What about the budget?

Tiare Charters: Prices and Costs

Tiare Cruise full charter rate is US$6.100 per night, except Komodo US$5.750 per night. That means that a 5 night private cruise in Raja Ampat will cost you US$30.500, and the same 5 nights in Komodo US$28,750. You need to add on top of those amounts 5-10 percent to cover alcohol, port charges, rental diving equipment, and eventual tip to the crew, all paid before you leave the boat.

There are not limit period for a cruise rental, 5-10 days is the regular. Actually, the only limitation is the availability, a yacht charter must be booked 6-12 months in advance.

Tiare Charters: Inclusions & Exclusions

Inclusions: 16 crew including captain, cruise manager, chef and dive masters; fuel; all meals and snacks, drinking water beverages; scuba diving for certified divers, watersports equipment, round trip transfer.

Exclusions: wines and alcoholic beverages; national parks entrance fees; rental gear; nitrox; dive courses.


What type of liveaboard experience?

Charter on Tiare Luxury Phinisi Liveaboard

Tiare, a Luxury Phinisi Sailing Yacht

Tiare Cruise is a traditional Indonesian "Phinisi" style yacht, complete with masts and sails, built with characteristics of a modern and luxurious dive boat: only 6 luxury cabins to comfortably accommodate 12 guests attended by a professional crew of 16 members.

Tiare's maiden voyage was in March 2017, since then she has continued to offer dive-focused cruises, specialising in caring for private cruises designed for underwater photographers or private charters for families or groups of family and friends who charter the beautiful Tiare in exclusivity.


The Liveaboard Tiare

The construction of Tiarè Liveaboard was entrusted to Cruising Indonesia by the ownership of Tiarè Cruise. As in previous projects, conception and design follow the latest standards of the liveaboard industry, and the legacy of Phinisi Indonesia brings strength, elegance and safety to a boat able to transoceanic cruises. If you would you like own a liveaboard like Tiare Cruise, get in touch. Our specialty is custom yacht design, from concept to launch.




Would you like to own a liveaboard like Tiare Cruise? Our specialty is custom yacht design, from concept to launch.

Year built: 2016

Type: Phinisi - The traditional Indonesian two-masted topsail schooner. Hull in ironwood, decks and interiors in recycled teakwood

Length over deck: 36.50 meters
Length overall: 45.62 meters

Beam: 9.30 meters

Draft: 4 meters

Total displacement: 285 

Cruising speed: 10 knots

Engines: Yanmar Turbo Diesel 500 hp 
Fuel Capacity: 11.000 liters
Generators: 2 x Yanmar 60 kw
Water Storage: 10.000 liters

Water Makers: 2 x 3.000 liters fresh water a day
Voltage: 220 volt charging station but also 110 volt is available

Navigation & Communication: VHF, SSB, Furuno radar, twin GPS systems / VHF, USB Radio, 2 x satellite phones, transponder

Safety equipment: Electronic Rescue and Location System for each diver, 30 Life Jackets, 2 Life-raft carrying 20 people each
Cabins: 4 king size, 2 twin. Two cabins for families are provided with 1 single bed fitted

Diving: 11.2 litre (80’s) aluminium cylinders, plus 7 litre tanks for those who want less weight on their back. either air or nitrox 32, 15 litre. All cylinders are fitted with DIN adaptable valves.

Special UW Features: Camera table 10 meters with shelving. Dedicated camera and equipment room with multiple charging stations, camera benches and a workstation with data transfer and CD/DVD burning facilities. DVD player and TV for photo/video playback
Crew: 1:1 crew to guest ratio. 1 western dive instructor. 1 western cruise manager. Local and western dive masters. 4:1 divers to dive guide ratio.



Layout of Tiare Cruise Liveaboard


Preparation of a private charter on Tiare Cruise

Careful guest service on a Tiare cruise charter

A yacht charter does demand some organising, and good planning is key to making sure your holiday will be enjoyable from start to finish.

Get in touch with Cruising Indonesia, our expert and dedicated customer service team is able to advice you on the hardest decisions: destination, seasonality, itinerary, flight and ground services, budget.. 

Get in touch!

Creating the perfect charter

Chartering a yacht must be an effortless experience. Cruising Indonesia knows what is all that is required, the expert team of the selected liveaboard will do the rest.

Everything tailor-made

Charter the full boat is something that it is proven to be much more fun and allow you to adapt the cruise and the dives to your personal likings. Having a boat in exclusivity you can choose the return and departure dates closest to your needs, you can define the route and your favorite dive points, visiting the best areas calmly, unlike an ordinary programmed trip with other passengers. You can also combine diving with snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, water skiing, land trips.

Careful guest service on a Tiare cruise charter

Your on board preferences, hopes and desires

Rent a yacht is the ideal solution for families or groups who have different interests than diving. You can request your favourite food and beverages, as well as preparing special arrangements to private celebrations and events.

Often a group estimate is able to get a more convenient quotation. Sailboats dedicated to dive cruises must be booked in advance, as soon as they are reserved by customers for a regular cruise program, may no longer be available exclusively.

Planning your Charter

Chartering a yacht deserves considerable planning ahead so that every aspect of your charter is tuned to perfection. We dedicate plenty of time to advice and help you to decide the right yacht and the right destination before you are ready to materialise you booking. And of course, we would love help you to plan all your entire itinerary!

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Cruising Indonesia | The Liveaboard & Dive Specialists

Cruising Indonesia, as Reservation Team of Tiare Liveaboard, is committed to ensuring you not only a perfect diving holiday but also the best price guarantee. Contact us and we will arrange everything you need: every single details of your cruise reservation, the international & domestic flights, the ground services, an amazing tour extension...

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As Reservation Team of Tiare Cruise, Cruising Indonesia is committed to ensuring you a perfect diving holiday at the best price guarantee


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