Diving Trip Special Offers Raja Ampat on Tiare Liveaboard

Diving Trip Special Offers Raja Ampat on Tiare Liveaboard

Diving Trip Special Offer Raja Ampat on Tiare Liveaboard 20% Off

Raja Ampat is certainly a diver's paradise with the highest marine biodiversity of the planet and endemic species that only can be found here; in fact in this dive trip you will have the rare chance to meet bottom-dwelling tasselled wobbegong sharks and Epaulette or walking sharks, a variety of pigmy seahorse including hippocampus denise, pontohi and bargibanti, manta clean stations where oceanic mantas usually arrive in squadrons, kaleidoscope of vibrant colors of coral and fishiness, the perfect over-under composition of the soft coral growing below a mangrove or a village jetty, countless species of nudibranchs, muck subjects as wonderpus, mimic octopus, blue-ringed octopus, mandarin fish, ornate ghost pipefish, psychedelic rhinopias -frogfish-, crocodile flathead fish, blue ribboned-eel... in one word: the heaven for a diver! 

Diving Trip to Raja Ampat, 11 nights, 20% off on all our dive cruises on 2017 and 2018

TRIP DEPARTURES TO RAJA AMPAT ON 2017: before USD 5720, now USD 4576

  1. December 24 - January 04, 2018 from Sorong to Sorong

TRIP DEPARTURES TO RAJA AMPAT ON 2018: before USD 5940, now USD 4762

  1. January 8-19, 2018 from Sorong to Sorong
  2. January 22 - February 2, 2018 from Sorong to Sorong
  3. February 5-16, 2018 from Sorong to Sorong
  4. February 19 - March 2, 2018 from Sorong to Sorong
  5. December 24 - January 04, 2019 from Sorong to Sorong

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Diving Trip to Raja Ampat Archipelago on Tiare Liveaboard

Dive cruises to Raja Ampat Islands -11 nights- Factsheet


All you need to know about this diving trip


  • Arrival and departure airport transfers
  • Accommodation on board
  • Five meals a day
  • Aqua, tea, coffee, soft drinks, natural juice
  • Complimentary bottle of wine with dinner
  • 3 dives a day + 1 night dives
  • Excursions according on board program
  • Tank, belt and weights
  • Toiletries
  • Masseuse & Spa treatments
  • Laundry
  • Free advice about connecting flights and eventual stops over in Indonesia


  • National Park Entrance Fees
  • Harbor Fees
  • Environment Safety Fee
  • Fuel Surcharge
  • Nitrox fills for certified nitrox divers
  • Alcoholic beverages, espresso, cappuccino
  • Crew gratuities
  • Diving Insurance, we highly recommended DAN
  • tiare_liveaboard_phinisi_prow
  • Travel Insurance, we highly recommended World Nomads Travel Insurance
  • Hotel and meals before and after your cruise*
  • International and domestic flights*
  • One transit night depending of your connecting flights*

Terms & Conditions

  • Booking by Cabin
  • 25% as deposit for booking confirmation
  • 100% 60 days before cruise departure
  • Private Cruises & Charters
  • A 15% deposit for booking confirmation
  • tiare_liveaboard_sun_deck
  • 50% 120 days before cruise departure
  • 100% 60 days before cruise departure

Cancellation Policy

  • Booking by Cabin
  • More than 60 days before departure: 75% refund
  • 60-30 days: 10% refund
  • Less than 30 days: 0% refund
  • Private Cruises & Charters
  • More than 120 days before departure: 85% refund
  • 120-60 days: 50% refund
  • Less than 60 days: 0% refund

Tailor-Made Travel

(*) We can organise all your flight itinerary, land services and eventual extensions with the best market price.

Contact us for planning your custom made diving holidays. 


Embark & Disembark

Embarking port: Sorong. Airport: Sorong

Disembarking port: Sorong. Airport: Sorong

At your arrival at airport, our staff will be there to pick you up: you will easily identify them wearing their Tiare Liveaboard T-shirt and a folder mentioning your name and our logotype.

Check in: the cruise starting date, before 12:00pm.

Check out: at the cruise ending date, before 12:00pm.

Domestic Flights & in Transit Accommodations

You will need a flight from Jakarta-Sorong-Jakarta in connection with your international flights.

You might need spend one transit night before and after your diving trip depending of your international flights.

So complicated? Contact Us We have the most competitive airfare (domestic & international) and accommodations for all range of budget.

Diving Raja Ampat

As stunningly beautiful above water as below, Raja Ampat is a startling diversity of habitats to explore. Each of these -from the stark wave-, pounded slopes that drop away beneath the karst cliff of Wayag and Uranie, to the deep nutrient-rich bays of Mayalibit, Kabui and Aljui, to the blue water mangrove channels of Kofiau and Gam, to the plankton rich upwelling area of Misool and the Dampier Strait are home to unique assemblages of species that, when taken together, add to produce the most impressive species list ever compiled for a coral reef system of this size. The reefs of the Raja Ampat are specifically referred to as ‘species factories’, replenishing other reef ecosystems by sweeping coral larvae across the Indian and Pacific Oceans via their strong currents. Surveys indicate that marine life here is among the most diverse in the world, and that it houses some of the richest coral reef ecosystems worldwide.

Pigmy seahorse Denise

Raja Ampat Diving Environment

The corals in Raja Ampat are of breathtaking beauty and a great diversity of species: Wobbegong shark, Epaulette shark, juvenal batfish, mandarin fish, Ambon cardinal fish, crocodile fish, pigmy seahorses -at least in all these variants: bargibanti, coleman, denise, pontoh, satomi, severn; reef sharks -white tip, black tip, grey tip, silver tip-; hammerhead shark, thresher shark, dugong, tuna, grouper, sea turtle, sun fish or mola mola, whalesharks, whales with their calves, oceanic mantas, porcelain crab, orangutan crab, harlequin shrimp, sexy shrimp, weird critters as spiny devilfish, zebra lionfish, leafy scorpionfish, raged-finned lionfish, stonefish, rhinopias, all the variety of amazing nudibranchs including the photogenic pickachu nudibranch... are all habitual residents of Raja Ampat coral reefs. 

Raja Ampat hosts a great variety of amazing nudibranchs including the photogenic "pickachu" nudibranch

Land excursion to meet the Bird of Paradise

A fascinating easy trekking in the Papuan jungle will be a great opportunity to see the Bird of Paradise and it colourful courtship dance.

The Papuan jungle is home of the Bird of Paradise


Visibility often reach 10-30 meters. 

Water Temperature

The temperature all year around is between 27-31 ̊C.  A 3 mm long wetsuit is enough.


The current can be gentle to strong


The driest season is between November to March.

Navigation & Itinerary

The itinerary varies slightly between each cruise depending on weather conditions, currents, visibility and suitability for diving activities.

Tiare Liveaboard Technical Data

Cruising Indonesia is proud to introduce Tiare Liveaboard, a 36m brand new luxury sailing yacht starting operations on April 2017. Design and concept is the cornerstone of the quality of service on Tiare Liveaboard, and she promises cater to the needs of the most exigent divers: dive in top world class exotic scuba diving destinations according to the comfortable and wealthy life stile they are accustomed to have.

Tiare Liveaboard a 36m brand new luxury sailing yacht by Cruising Indonesia

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