Wakatobi Dive Resort

Wakatobi Dive Resort

Wakatobi Dive Resort in Sulawesi Indonesia

Wakatobi Dive Resort is one of the most luxurious resorts in south-east Asia offering a very high level of service and a perfect seclusion and tranquility rarely found in other places. The award-winning Wakatobi Dive Resort is located in Tunkang Besi Archipelago, Southeast Sulawesi, and is certainly the only luxury resort in the area and is a truly eco dive resort.


Wakatobi Dive Resort offers villas, spa services, boutique, children care and other personalized services. For a no-hassle splurge, travelers can board a charter flight from Bali direct to the Wakatobi Dive Resort a luxury eco stay on the beautiful tropical island of Tolandano.

Wakatobi Facing one of the most beautiful reefs in the world the resort offers excellent diving and snorkeling, even for the less experienced. The house reef, just in front of your doorstep villa, is known as the best of the dive sites in Wakatobi, and you will lucky to have unlimited shore diving.

By and large, Wakatobi is not a place for big fish or action as Komodo is, but is a great place for macro with an amazing biodiversity including small creatures, nudis, critters and outstanding coral scene. Divers get ready for wide angle too!


The villas are stylish and spacious, equipped with fan and air conditioned. Due to their location and orientation facing the beach, Ocean Bungalows provide the most magnificent views while capitalizing on sea breezes. Each Villa offers even more living space in one- or two-bedroom floor plans with enlarged porches and decks, and elevated westward views of the ocean from all rooms. Two villas also provide private plunge pools overlooking the water.


The outdoors are simple gorgeous. Completing this heavenly scenario, Wakatobi Dive Resort has included in its facilities the spa and the kids club.

You just have to care about relax!

Fine dining and remote locations don't always go together, but Wakatobi provides a spectacular and delicious exception to this rule. The direct charter flights that speed guests to Wakatobi also provide the resort kitchens with a steady supply of the freshest foods and produce from Bali and around the world.

The cuisine is managed in each single detail by a team of first class resorts and restaurants chefs. The food served here is an international blend, combining Indonesian delicacies and flavors with dishes from around the world.

For those that are adventurous there are exotic dishes and for those looking for comfort foods those are available as well. There are always multiple choices of starters, main courses and desserts.

If you have special dietary needs our chefs will happily accommodate you. Wakatobi Dive Resort is suitable and easily for accommodating vegetarians, vegans, and other dietary needs and restrictions - just let us know in advance when booking-.

Arranging private tete-a-tete dinners in a romantic setting on the beach is one of the specialties of Wakatobi Dive Resort, a very delightful option for honeymoon couples and those celebrating other special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, you just let us known when booking…

Diving_Wakatobi Diving_Wakatobi Diving_Wakatobi

Diving_Wakatobi Diving_Wakatobi Diving_Wakatobi

“Being located at the heart of the Coral Triangle, Wakatobi is one of my favourite places to dive. Thankfully, the resort works tirelessly to protect their reefs in conjunction with local communities. The biodiversity here is second to none, with every square centimetre accommodating life. Other areas in the Coral Triangle are not so lucky and destructive fishing techniques, anchor damage and pollution all take a serious toll.” PhD Richard Smith, oceanrealmimages.com


Cruising Indonesia is committed to ensuring you a perfect diving holiday and offers direct assistance during your entire trip. Just contact us and we will arrange everything you need: all the details of your booking, ground services, your international & domestic flights, transfers, and more…

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Package Resort plus Liveaboard

Book in advance your liveaboard diving cruise to be able to visit all the dive spots of Wakatobi. The Wakatobi National Park covers more than 13,900 km². The remote dive points of Wakatobi can be reached just by a liveaboard trip.



Tanah_Toraja_by_Cruising Indonesia

Discovering Tanah Toraja and the amazing Torajan people

The animist highlanders of Sulawesi are a distinct ethnic group with enduring ancestral traditions. The people of Toraja or better Tana Toraja, has a culture where life revolves around death. Though the Tojaran peoples are deeply Christian, still maintain animist beliefs on death, performing extravagant ceremonies that last until our days. It’s really unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.


Trekking to Moramo Waterfalls

Moramo Waterfall are only 65 km east of Kendari and easily accessible by car or by boat, crossing Moramo Bay, with wide panoramic scenery of the sea. Traversing 2 km of a beautiful plateau, with hundred of separate terraced plumes, the falls have seven main terraces, each with its own natural bathing pool. The top of the waterfall is some 100 meters above is basin pool.



Bali Villas a Special Sojourn

Before or after Wakatobi it is time for indulging yourself while enjoying the legendary hospitality of Bali, the island of Gods. Do not lose the opportunity to stay in one of the magnificent Villas of Bali! Their rare, refined and stylish details will surprise you as well as our pricing list.

And of course once in Bali, do not miss our favorite “Island of Gods Tour by Cruising Indonesia", a bliss experience.

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