Bali Island of Gods and one of the Finest Diving in the World

Bali Island of Gods and one of the Finest Diving in the World

Bali dive sites, surely among the richest and the most exciting in the world

With more than one million of tourist per year, Bali is often avoided and snubbed for experienced divers who prefer keep away and "off the beaten track" of some diving destinations. Actually, many divers are oblivious to the fact that the dive sites in Bali, "are among the richest and the most exciting in the world", such as the dives sites of the Island of Gods have been defined by awarded photographer and conservationist Michael Aw -best book of the year at Festival Mondial de l'Image Sous Marine, for ‘Indonesia’s Global Treasures’-.

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The many and diverse dive sites of Bali are an exceptional diving experience for all levels of divers and particularly for professional underwater photographer.
The diving is often accessible from shore or short boat ride, and normally at a good price.

In the protected shallow bays, you could find unbeatable opportunities to immortalize macro subjects, most of the times with black sand as high quality background for your digital souvenirs: nudibranchs, sea horses and pygmy seahorses, cuttlefishs, mantis shrimps, octopuses, eels, bobbit worms and other muck creatures, stingrays, scorpionfish, leaf scorpionfish, pipefish, box fish…

And do not forget the wide-angle, at the exciting drift-divings in wild currents with sharks, tunas, napoleons, manta rays or the elusive Mola Mola... you would rather not forget it...

Bali Liveaboard

A wide range of liveaboard trips are offered for diving Bali, but usually combining with other destinations like Lombok, Moyo, Satonda, Sangean in Sumbawa, and Komodo. If you are looking for a truly special liveaboard trip SAMATA LIVEABOARD offers private charters between Bali and the Eastern islands of the Islands of Gods.



But, please, remember you are in Bali, temple of ritualistic sundowners, then just sip your perfect blended Martini aperitif and laid back...

Expecting for the sunset and what the night brings has its rewards. This is time when many of the odd critters come out, and the macro critter hunt starts: frogfish, mimic octopus, harlequin shrimp, squid, scorpionfish...

Some of the most famous shots of the awarded Photo Pro have been doing here... A great digital hunt also for you!

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Bali Dive Sites



Tulamben has become Bali’s most famous diving area and, therefore where you can most likely meet international uw photographers and writers. Tulamben Bay like the rest of Bali is situated in the richest marine bio geographic zone in the world, on the north-eastern coast of the island. The bay receives very plankton-rich waters from the major ocean currents that move from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean, this particularity coupled with the fact that the three main dives sites of Tulamben provide totally different physical environments means that Tulamben contains a stunningly diverse underwater eco system.



Amed is also located in the north-eastern coast of Bali, just about 30 minutes south from Tulamben by car. Due to the easy conditions at Amed, it is suitable both for novice and experienced divers. On the outskirts of Amed you can see traditional salt-panning, and buy sea salt as souvenir of your visit. Immediately outside Jemeluk Bay are two dive sites, Amed Wall and Amed Reef, both of which can be done from the shore or a short boat dive ride. The boats are small outriggers or jukungs, the local long and narrow fishing boat widely used in Bali.

Secret Bay

While Bali offers great diversity of dive sites, Gilimanuk Bay -or Secret Bay as it is locally known-, is unique within Bali, because it is the very definition of muck-diving. No rich coral reef, no depth to speak of, it is in basically a site for macro-photographers and for the occasional recreational divers looking for something different from the norm. Secret Bay contain many rare macro subjects that includes nudibranchs, dragonets -including both the colorful mandarinfish and picture dragonet-, abundant seahorse, pipefish, unusual scorpionfish, frogfish, eels, and many, many other organisms.


Menjangan Island

It was in 1978 that Menjangan became the first internationally known dive location. Consequently in older dive guidebooks, Menjangan is described as having beautiful reef flats. Unfortunately that is no longer true. On a more positive note, Menjangan is actually now famous for the wall-diving. The wall descends to varying depth, the shallowest being 26m, the deepest 60m+. The wall offers the greatest diversity of gorgonian fans in Bali. They generally start at 10m with the flat coral reefs offering gentle conditions and lot of sunlight. These are full of medium and small fish. The walls are full of small nooks and crannies, overhangs and bigger cavellettes, crevasses etc. They are covered with gorgonian fans, soft corals and sponges. And the Kooperasi Pemuteran is doing a good job for caring the reef here...


Amuk Bay with the villages of Padangbai in the south and Candidasa in the north, is located about 6 km across along the south side of Bali’s eastern point. Just north of Padangbai is the Blue Lagoon, a treasure-trove of marine life. Two islands, Tepekong and Mimpang, outside the bay, and Biaha a little to the north, offer some of the most breath-taking diving in Bali. However, due to the conditions, these three dive sites need to be treated with care and respect.

Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is the largest of three islands off the southeastern coast of Bali. The water here is fairly cold but often startlingly clear, with gorgeous corals and prolific fish, with some turtle, shark and in season Mola-Mola -the weird and wonderful Sunfish-. Are nine dive sites known at Nusa Penida. The majority of diving at Nusa Penida is drift-diving, and the currents are not always predictable.

Bali_Gianluca_Afflitti_78A9452_N Bali_Gianluca_Afflitti_78A9576_N

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After diving in the top dive destinations in the world, experience the best hospitality in the world. An international acknowledge that makes proud the Island of Gods. Bali is not only the finest industry of hospitality. Bali is synonymous of culture of the hospitality. Experience Bali's legendary tradition and culture of welcoming widely acknowledged worldwide. Have a great Bali time! It's a promise, it will be unforgettable!

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Useful Information to Bali


Diving season: From April to November. But it is possible dive Bali all year around.
Rainy season: From November to March.
Water temperature: 27-30°C. A 3mm shorty should be more than sufficient. If you feel the cold easily a 5mm shorty is advisable.
Visibility: 5-30m.
Depths: 5- >40m.
Currents: Can be very strong - up to 8 knots.
Surface conditions: Can be rough. Dive conditions vary with the tides, throughout the day.
Experience level: Beginner – Intermediate – advanced.
Dive sites: >60.
Length of stay: Recommended 7-14 days of safari diving.


Airport: Bali Denpasar. Many international flights reach Bali.
Weather: 27-32°C. Indonesia has two seasons: wet and dry. In most of Indonesia the wet season is from October to April and the dry from May to September, this is the case of Bali.
Time zone: Lesser Sunda Islands GMT +8.

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After or before diving in Bali try some of this amazing sidetrips


Touring through the Volcanoes Road

Overland tour through an astonishing sceneries, Dieng Plateau, a marshy plateau compounds the floor of a complex volcanic caldera; Mount Bromo, a mount dedicated to the Hindu creator God Brahma, which sits in the middle of a vast plain called the "Sea of Sand"; and Ijen, an one kilometer wide turquoise colored acid crater lake, site of a labor-intensive sulfur mining operation, in which sulfur laden baskets are carried by hand from the crater floor. All in our favorite "Volcanoes Road Tour" by Cruising Indonesia.


Encountering Yogyakarta Enigmatic Missing Civilizations

A journey for discovering Borobudur and Prambanan, a unique combination of ancient temples, history and culture, in our favorite "Yogyakarta enigmatic missing civilization Tour" by Cruising Indonesia.



Rafting Agung River

Watching some of the most spectacular view of Ayung river, discovering hidden waterfalls and swimming in pristine waters in an exhilarating adventure full of adrenalin.




Cycling Bali off the Beaten Track

A journey in the time through typical villages and exuberant jungle will allow us to contemplate every day life of the traditional Bali, which elapses like the tiny rivulets that wash the world’s most beautiful contoured rice terraces, in the surroundings of Jatiluwih, recently acknowledged as UNESCO World Heritage site.



Discovering Bali the Island of Gods

Let you captivate by the beauty of its culture, its wonderful people and astonishing landscapes. Bali is an island of scarce natural resources but rich of cultural ones. Famous by its traditional arts, theater, dance, and elaborate religious festivals, the Balinese culture is a dynamic force that is constantly synthesizing the old and the new, the traditional and the innovative. Stunning volcanic lakes, spectacular rice terraces, tropical beaches, ancient temples, water palaces, exotic melting pot of cultures and peoples; all in our favorite Bali Island of Gods Tour by Cruising Indonesia.

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