• Dive trips to remote parts of the Indonesian Archipelago

    Dive trips to remote parts of the Indonesian Archipelago

  • Stay in luxury Indonesian dive resorts

    Stay in luxury Indonesian dive resorts

  • Raja Ampat liveaboard diving

    Raja Ampat liveaboard diving

The Liveaboard and Dive Specialists


Liveaboard Agency & Phinisi State of Art

Cruising Indonesia is a tour operator and offers tailor-made travel services in the most exciting destinations of the planet, as well as boat building services from which some of the most beautiful and famous Phinisi sailing yachts were born.

Cruising Indonesia experience

The Cruising Indonesia Experience


Tiare Cruise the liveaboard built by Cruising Indonesia

Liveaboard: cruises for scuba divers and sea lovers

By boat in the largest archipelago in the world. Diving, snorkeling or just sailing with the greatest biodiversity on the planet, volcanoes and karst islands, beaches and turquoise lagoons, there is no better place than Indonesia to navigate in pristine environments. In Indonesia there are still remote areas, without the slightest tourist structure, which can be reached and visited with maximum comfort only by liveaboard.

With more than a decade of experience, Cruising Indonesia is at home in these seas, trust us to organize your dive cruise.


Bespoke travels in Komodo Islands

Tailor-made travels

Cruising Indonesia provides personalized trips that can range from a simple, but unforgettable stay in a dream resort, to photographic expeditions in areas that have little to no tourists, to meet the last tribes of Papua, attend the Pasola ritual in Sumba, or even navigate along a Borneo river in search of orangutans.

We have organized complex scientific research trips both at sea and on land. Among our clients: NASA, journalists and operators of various magazines and TV, important research companies, prestigious adventure travel agencies, the Kuwait royal family...


State of Art of the Indonesian Phinisi Samambaia

How to build a sailing boat in modern times

We are expert boat builders, some of the most fascinating and successful liveaboards of the Indonesian diving industry have been designed and built by us with modern techniques and attention to detail.

Cruising Indonesia is always active in the search for new techniques to improve the quality of traditional sailing boat: the Phinisi Indonesia.


Cruising Indonesia Official Website

We present the best liveaboards and top diving destinations. The DIVING page provides information on the best dive sites in Indonesia. The LIVEABOARDS page presents a selection of dive boats and sailing yachts offering cruises in the Indonesian archipelago. The RESORT page offers you holidays for the diver who wishes to stay on the ground. On the TOURS page, proposals for those who want to visit the country before or after diving, or are only interested in this. We are pleased to offer you the top of international diving on the DIVE THE WORLD page. If you are looking for discounts and offers for the diver on the NEWS page you will surely find what you were looking for. Finally on the page ABOUT US we will tell you how we built some of the most beautiful Phinisi Liveaboard in Indonesia and how we could build yours.


Diving with whale sharks at Cenderawasih Bay in Indonesia

Our Charters

Dive Safaris Indonesia - Summer 2023 - Diving Season

Combined Dive Trips Komodo, Derawan, Sulawesi, Bali

Our dive safaris are tailor-made according your interest and budget.


Banda Sea Dive Cruise - Join the Group!

Ondina Liveaboard - October 2023

Diving trip from Dampier Strait's richest marine life and Misool's biodiversity to Pacific Ocean’s deep blue, home of Archipelago’s pelagic animals, and the ultimate eye-opener: the hammer-sharks of Banda Sea.


Whale Sharks Diving Expeditions - Indonesia 2023

Cenderawasih Bay - August 23, 2023

Dive with the whale sharks of Cenderawasih Bay in West Papua. Next trip 23/08/23 - 02/09/2023. €3850 per person. Show your interest contacting us for further information.


Private charter on a liveaboard

Private cruises & charters

Private cruises, other than diving

Renting a boat is the ideal solution for families or groups who have different interests besides diving! Experience an unspoiled sea, visit deserted beaches, snorkel with manta rays, visit traditional villages and marine parks. With a boat to be used exclusively, you can choose the arrival and departure dates closest to your needs and define the preferred itinerary.


Diving charters on a liveaboard 

Private cruises for scuba divers

Group booking and dive charters

Sailboats dedicated to dive cruises must be booked in advance, as soon as they are reserved by customers for a regular cruise program, may no longer be available exclusively. A small deposit is sufficient to lock the boat for your vacation. Book now!


New Entry

Kusu Island Resort

Nature lovers walking on the beach of Kusu Island Resort

Kusu Island homes a secluded resort that provide guests an amazing and unforgettable holiday experience, through excellent service, and world class diving


Gaia Love Dive Cruises Indonesia

Gaia Love cruises for divers


Cruising Indonesia | The Liveaboard & Dive Specialists

Cruising Indonesia is committed to providing you with not only a perfect diving vacation, but also the best price guaranteed. Contact us and we will organize everything you need: all the details of the reservation: your diving cruise or dive resort, your international and domestic flights, your ground services, an amazing tour extension for you...


Last minute diving deals

Find here the latest liveaboard special offers and last minute deals for 2023 & 2024. Last Minute Liveaboard Deals for diving or snorkeling trips on reliable and experienced liveaboards only. Last up dated: January 2023

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