• Dive trips to remote parts of the Indonesian Archipelago

    Dive trips to remote parts of the Indonesian Archipelago

  • Stay in luxury Indonesian dive resorts

    Stay in luxury Indonesian dive resorts

  • Raja Ampat liveaboard diving

    Raja Ampat liveaboard diving

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The best dive sites and liveaboard of Indonesia

We have the Indo experience that make the difference: we are travellers, divers, phinisi boat builders and, the most important, we have been around for the last 25 years!

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  • We present the best liveaboards and top-class scuba diving destinations around the world

  • The DIVE INDONESIA page provides information about the best diving destinations in Indonesia
  • LIVEABORDS page is a review about the best dive boats operating in Indonesia 
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  • Finally, we are proudly to offer world class diving destinations in our page DIVE THE WORLD
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State of Art Dive Deck of Samambaia Liveaboard

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Cruising Indonesia | The Liveaboard & Diving Specialists

We are committed to ensuring you a perfect diving holiday. You only choose your dream diving destination and we will arrange everything you need: all the details of your booking in a liveaboard or dive resort, the ground services, your international & domestic flights, a special sojourn in a magnificent villa, an amazing tour...

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Diving deals

Book now and you will get a complimentary one free transit night in airport hotel at your arrival in Indonesia. To be fit since your first dive! This offer is accumulative with all our other offers in this website. Just book one of our LIVEABOARDS or RESORTS.

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Diving Trip to Northern Forgotten Islands

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Diving Trip to Southern Forgotten Islands

Liveaboard Schedule

Diving Trip Factsheet


Diving Trip to Alor and Flores

Liveaboard Schedule

Diving Trip Factsheet

Private cruises and charters

Our Liveaboards are ideally suited to Private Charters and Cruises

If you have a dive club, group of divers, a family or friends, rent a yacht could be the best solution. In fact having a boat in exclusivity you can choose the return and departure dates closest to your needs, you can define the route and your favorite dive points, visiting the best areas calmly, unlike an ordinary programmed trip with other passengers. You can also combine diving with snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, water skiing, trips to the islands and beaches. Rent a boat is the ideal solution for families or groups who have different interests than diving. You can request your favorite food and beverages, as well as preparing special arrangements to private celebrations and events. Often a group estimate is able to get a cheaper quote. Sailboats dedicated to dive cruises must be booked in advance, as soon as they are reserved by customers for a regular cruise program, may no longer be available exclusively. Usually privatise a boat cruise gives you a "free" passage on board, compared to normal charging. However if you have a dive center or a diving school your diving instructor or divemaster following the group, can get more "free" spaces. 

Would you like a customised diving trip or a private charter in Indonesia?

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Tiare Liveaboard the 36m brand new luxury sailing yacht built by Cruising Indonesia

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Last minute diving deals

Cruising Indonesia currently offers you one free transit night in Airport Hotel at your arrival or departure in Indonesia, just book one of OUR LIVEABOARDS. This offer is accumulative with all our other offers in this website.

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