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We offer only the most serious and professional liveaboards on our website.

We specialise in tailor made diving adventures to remote parts of the Indonesian archipelago where pristine coral reefs are the norm and pioneering dive opportunities are abundant. Explore our liveaboards destinations below, browse the boat info-sheets and e-mail us your enquiries.

Liveaboard Diving in Indonesia

The dive boats with the best value for money in Indonesia


Scuba dive trips on Samambaia Liveaboard

Here you can find the most serious and professional yachts of the diving industry and book your trip according your personal exigencies with the advice of a single Liveaboard Specialist from the beginning of your enquiries to the completion of your reservation, who also will be your single reference throughout all your trip. Everything tailored for individuals or groups.


The boats that we offer have been selected by us based on our experiences on board and the professionalism of the operators. These boats offer the best value for money, seriousness and experience of the crew and dive guides.

All the boats selected by us have operated for years in the diving area. In the case of any new liveaboards, we will verify that they have available known and experienced dive masters and crews, which guarantee absolute knowledge of the dive sites and the management of the boat itself.

How is a diving holiday on a cruise

A scuba diving vacation offers some advantages over staying ashore; you embark as soon as you get off the plane, and everything you need during the trip is at your fingertips. Comfortable cabins, with air conditioning and private bathrooms, the restaurant where meals, drinks and snacks will be consumed, the diving center, the lounge and the sundeck for moments of relaxation.

Scuba dive trips on Tiare Cruise Liveaboard

Indonesia liveaboard

The days will be entirely dedicated to 4 daily dives, two in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night, unless you decide to skip a few to relax on the nearby beach or simply rest on board. The crew will take care of everything; the diver only has to wear the wetsuit and bring his own mask, the rest of the equipment can be found on board the tenders that will reach the diving point.

Of course there will also be time for some excursions such as visiting the local villages, whose inhabitants are always very curious and hospitable, a short trek to see the lizards in Komodo, or a short climb on the rocks at Raja Ampat to take the iconic photos of the turquoise lagoons.

All pampered by the large boat crew.

A type of holiday where you take off your shoes on arrival and put them back on before leaving for the airport.

Liveaboards in The World

In addition to Indonesia, we offer a selection of the best dive boats in the best diving spots around the world. And for those who do not dive, there is no shortage of alternatives, such as snorkeling, kayaking, beach and village tours, short treks and water sports.

Our private charter cruises: your tailor-made trip

All liveaboards make diving trips throughout the year and most of them are also available for leisure, research or exploratory cruises throughout the Indonesian archipelago.


Enjoy your time onboard

The best dive boats in Indonesia can be found here:

  • Samata Liveaboard
    Samata Liveaboard
    Samata is the refined liveaboard diving experience of Indonesia Samata is a 34m high-end yacht available for private charters only,…
  • MSY Seahorse
    MSY Seahorse
    Seahorse is a great liveaboard yacht designed and built for diving The Seahorse is a 33-meter Phinisi designed for those…
  • Ambai Liveaboard
    Ambai Liveaboard
    Ambai is an efficient and functional liveaboard to dive Indonesia Ambai ranks among the boats that offer the best quality/price…
  • Pindito Liveaboard
    Pindito Liveaboard
    Pindito is the pioneer of diving in Indonesia, since 1992 The Pindito has the privilege of being the first diving…
  • Dewi Nusantara Liveaboard
    Dewi Nusantara Liveaboard
    The Dewi Nusantara, a 5 star floating resort to dive Indonesia Dewi Nusantara -goddess of the archipelago in the Indonesian…
  • Seven Seas Liveaboard - Book for 2023 at 2022 prices!
    Seven Seas Liveaboard - Book for 2023 at 2022 prices!
    The Seven Seas is an indispensable benchmark for diving enthusiasts in Indonesia Seven Seas is a boat that has made…
  • Tiarè Cruise - Book for 2022 and 2023 at 2021 prices!
    Tiarè Cruise - Book for 2022 and 2023 at 2021 prices!
    Dive and Cruise Indonesia on the luxury phinisi Tiarè Liveaboard Tiarè Cruise is a magnificent Phinisi, designed and built by…
  • Samambaia Liveaboard
    Samambaia Liveaboard
    Samambaia was built to meet divers needs in the remote dive sites of Indonesia Samambaia is a majestic Phinisi designed…
  • Ondina Liveaboard - Dive Cruises - 50% OFF
    Ondina Liveaboard - Dive Cruises - 50% OFF
    Discover with SMY Ondina the top world class dive destinations of Indonesia Book Ondina Liveaboard now for 2022 and 2023…
  • Oceanic Liveaboard - Dive Cruises 45% Off!
    Oceanic Liveaboard - Dive Cruises 45% Off!
    Oceanic continues "the Legend of Ondinesia" exploring and discovering great diving in Indonesia Book Oceanic Liveaboard now for 2022 and…
  • Maluku Explorer
    Maluku Explorer
    Maluku Explorer, the liveaboard to dive Halmahera and the Molucca Sea Maluku Explorer is the only liveaboard in Halmahera the…
  • Adelaar Liveaboard - €3.750 Special Price Charter
    Adelaar Liveaboard - €3.750 Special Price Charter
    ADELAAR LIVEABOARD Adelaar is the liveaboard for exclusive cruises in Indonesia Adelaar Liveaboard has sailed across the seas of Bali…
  • Mermaid Liveaboard
    Mermaid Liveaboard
    MERMAID LIVEABOARD Mermaid Liveaboards take diving trips to explore Indonesia's marine biodiversity throughout the year The dive boats Mermaid I…
  • Siren Fleet
    Siren Fleet
    Siren Fleet Special Offers On this page you will find all the special offers of Siren Fleet and samples of…
  • The Latest of Aggressor Fleet 2020
    The Latest of Aggressor Fleet 2020
    THE LATEST DEALS OF AGGRESSOR FLEET IN 2020 Last Minute Liveaboard Deals of Aggressor Fleet Find here the latest of…
  • Damai 1 & Damai 2
    Damai 1 & Damai 2
    LUXURY LIVEABOARD IN INDONESIA WITH DIVE DAMAI Dive Damai has two magnificent and luxurious boats, Damai 1 and Damai 2,…
  • Ilike Liveaboard
    Ilike Liveaboard
    DIVE INDONESIA WITH ILIKE LIVEABOARD! Ilike was built in 2010 and underwent a substantial restyling in 2017. The boat is…
  • Dune Aurora
    Dune Aurora
    Scuba Diving Holidays on Aurora Liveaboard Dune Aurora is a 40m Phinisi with the comfort of a modern dive boat…
  • Tambora Liveaboard
    Tambora Liveaboard
    Tambora is a luxury liveaboard diving experience Indonesia Tambora have been custom-designed and built with the aim to offer a…
  • Lamima Luxury Yacht
    Lamima Luxury Yacht
    Lamima State of Art of the Liveaboard Industry Sail with fair winds aboard of one of the world's largest wooden…
  • Raja Ampat Aggressor
    Raja Ampat Aggressor
    Last Minute Raja Ampat 2019 Dive Indonesia with iconic Liveaboard Style of Raja Ampat Aggressor Raja Ampat Aggressor is a …
  • Emperor Indonesia - Raja Laut Liveaboard
    Emperor Indonesia - Raja Laut Liveaboard
    LIVEABOARD DIVING & LEISURE TRIP WITH EMPEROR INDONESIA Emperor Indonesia -as Raja Laut Liveaboard-, born on the same shipyard of…

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