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The Liveaboard Dewi Nusantara

Dewi Nusantara a 5 star floating resort to dive Indonesia

Living aboard Dewi Nusantara is as close to a five star experience as is possible in the faraway corners of the Indonesian archipelago, in fact since 2008, with the launching of the Dewi Nusantara -former Paradise Dancer-, was truly set a new standard of comfort, design, service and safety for dive live-aboards in Indonesia. Check the last availability of Dewi Nusantara here.

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Dewi Nusantara State-of-Art dive boat








 “The Goddess of the Archipelago” -as Dewi Nusantara means in Indonesian-, was designed to be totally independent for long periods at sea while offering unparalleled comfort. With an overall length of 57 meters, this three mast topsail schooner moves with a grace and stability that only larger sailing vessels can offer, 2000 square meters of sail are complemented by two 500 horsepower marine engines and two desalinators that each produce 5000 liters of fresh water per day.


Dewi Nusantara has eight spacious staterooms and one huge master suite in the panoramic stern quarters, Dewi Nusantara can take up to eighteen passengers and is available for charter in any combination of diving and leisure expeditions, anywhere in the archipelago. The staterooms are can be adapted to either twin or double use, each with its own en-suite bathroom. The master and commanders’ cabin is the size of a large hotel suite.

staterooms_area_on_liveaboard_dewi_nusantara dewi_nusantara_deluxe_stateroom_full_view dewi_nusantara_bathroom_in-suite

A lot and amazing dives, fabulous meals, gorgeous settings, and complimentary neck and back massages after each dive will be your every day trip on board Dewi Nusantara. Her discreet and attentive Indonesian crew is always there when you need something but never intrusive. The crew of fifteen is complemented by three dive-masters who all have a long experience in the area. With her state of the art diving equipment Dewi Nusantara has become the ultimate live-aboard diving platform in Indonesia. The diving is excellent with a perfect blend of reefs, corals, blue water, critters, pelagics.

dining_room_on_liveaboard_dewi_nusantara lounge_on_liveaboard_dewi_nusantara dewi_nusantara_sundeck

Dewi Nusantara has great on-board facilities for the underwater photographer and videographer. There is a very spacious dedicated camera and equipment room with multiple charging stations, camera benches and a workstation with data transfer and CD/DVD burning facilities. The lounge is equipped with a DVD player and TV for photo/video playback. The main dive deck have purpose built wash down tanks. The tank on the starboard side is for camera and computer wash only, the tank on the port side is used for general equipment wash down.

dewi_nusantara_fiberglass_tenders dewi_nusantara_pricey_underwater_cameras dewi_nusantara_kayak



Dewi Nusantara offers the best of Indonesia following the highest standards of safety and quality of service in the diving industry. Dewi Nusantara diving destinations includes KOMODO, RAJA AMPAT, TRITON BAY AND FAK FAK, BANDA SEAFORGOTTEN ISLANDS, WAKATOBI and CENDRAWASIH BAY. This last named spot has just appeared on the world dive map and is a ‘must dive’ place!

Dewi Nusantara can take up to eighteen passengers and is available for charter in any combination of diving and leisure expeditions, anywhere in the archipelago. Please find the infosheet with information about destination and schedules, here below. Only top world class dive destinations! If none of the itineraries fit for your group, ask for a personalised itinerary.





Dewi Nusantara is a replica of a majestic 3 mast schooner from about the mid 1800's, which became reality after two year of researching and studying marine plans and marine museums and other many years of works in Borneo.

Building a traditional wooden vessel the size of Dewi Nusantara is a complex enterprise that involves a lot of preparation, a lot of labour and a lot of time which nowadays it is only feasible in those rare places where both the wood and the ship’s carpenters are still available. Such rare place was Kalimantan and such skilled master shipwrights were boat builders of traditional Indonesian Phinisi.

Dewi Nusantara has been built following following Lloyds standards, the leading international body of maritime safety standards. Find the infosheet with the technical data of Dewi Nusantara Liveaboard here below or ask for your personal copy in PDF to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Year of built: 2008
Type: Wooden 3 mast US top sail schooner
Length over deck: 158 feet ( 48 meters)
Length over all: 191 feet ( 58 meters)
Beam: 37 feet ( 12 meters )
Draft: 12 feet ( 3,6 meters )
Total displacement: 800 tons
Cruising speed: 8-9 knots
Engines: 2 x 500 hp Nissan twin turbo diesels
Fuel Capacity: 29,000 liters
Generators: Two 100KvA and 50KvA X 220 volts
Water Storage: 16 tones
Water Makers: 2 x 5000 liters each/day
Voltage: 220 volt charging station but also 110 volt is available
Navigation & Communication: VHF, SSB, Furuno radar, twin GPS systems / VHF, USB Radio and satellite phone
Cabins: Eight double/twin “Deluxe Staterooms” 20 Square meter / One ”Master Suite” 46 square meter
Crew: local and foreign dive masters for guiding. 4 to 5 divers per dive guide.
Diving: 11.2 litre (80's) aluminum cylinders either air or nitrox 32. All cylinders are fitted with DIN adaptable valves.
Special UW Features: Camera table 10 meters with shelving. Dedicated camera and equipment room with multiple charging stations, camera benches and a workstation with data transfer and CD/DVD burning facilities. DVD player and TV for photo/video playback.




Year 2017: 11 night dive cruise to Raja Ampat on deluxe cabin $6325 and $7325 on deluxe suite, prices per person on double cabin. Book now and get a complimentary transit night in Bali or Jakarta airport hotel.

The rates of Dewi Nusantara are in USD but we can deal the better ex-change rate for you: USD, GBP, AUD, NZD, CAD, YEN, HKD, SGD, IDR and many others, ask for a quotation in your preferred currency. Follow the link to know the exchange rate


Arrival and departure airport transfer
Accommodation on board, meals, snacks, aqua, tea and coffee, soft drinks and beer
3 dives a day + 1 night dive (except on day of arrival & departure)
Excursions according on board program
Tanks and weights
Free advice about connecting flights and eventual stop over in Indonesia


Wine and alcoholic beverages
Nitrox fills -for certified divers-
Distance Fee, Fuel Surcharge, Port Clearance Fees and National Park Entrance Fees -Diving Fee-, as indicated, respectively, in USD
Introductory diving and certification courses are available by prior request only, except for Nitrox courses that fit easily into the normal diving day
International and domestic flights and land services -we can organise your all your flight itinerary and land services with the best market price-

Terms & Conditions

  • Booking by Cabin
  • 25% as deposit for booking confirmation
  • 100% 90 days before cruise departure
  • Private Cruises & Charters
  • A 15% deposit for booking confirmation
  • 50% 180 days before cruise departure
  • 100% 91 days before cruise departure


Last availability on Dewi Nusantara Deluxe Cabin

2017: Last Spaces in Raja Ampat! Book now your Diving Trip on these dates:

  • Cruise 1721, 7-18-Oct-2017 - 1 male share
  • Cruise 1722, 19-30-Oct-2017 - 1 male share
  • Cruise 1724, 12-23-Nov-2017 - 1 female share
  • Cruise 1725, 24-Nov-2017- 5-Dec-2017 - 1 deluxe cabins, 1 male share, 1 female share
  • Cruise 1726, 6-17-Dec-2017 - 1 deluxe cabin & 1 female share

Last availability on Dewi Nusantara Deluxe Suite

If you would like to enjoy our hugely popular and sumptuous Master & Commander Suite you need to reserve your space.

2017: We are now fully booked for 2017

Thank you for your preference!

2018. We have only one date left which is:

Cruise 1808, 17-28th April. Ambon - Banda.

2019: We have only three dates left available which are:

  • Cruise 1911: 13-24th May 2019, Raja Ampat
  • Cruise 1912: 25 May - 5th June 2019, Raja Ampat
  • Cruise 1913: 1-11th July 2019, Cenderawasih

Book early to avoid disappointment!


1721 7-Oct-17 18-Oct-17 11 Sorong Raja Ampat Sorong USD 6325,- USD 7325.- N/A USD 255,- 1 MALE SHARE
1722 19-Oct-17 30-Oct-17 11 Sorong All of Raja Ampat Sorong USD 6325,- USD 7325,- NA USD 255,- 1 MALE SHARE
1723 31-Oct-17 11-Nov-17 11 Sorong All of Raja Ampat Sorong USD 6325,- USD 7325,- NA USD 255,- BOOKED
1724 12-Nov-17 23-Nov-17 11 Sorong All of Raja Ampat Sorong USD 6325,- USD 7325,- NA USD 255,- 1 FEMALE
1725 24-Nov-17 5-Dec-17 11 Sorong All of Raja Ampat Sorong USD 6325,- USD 7325,- NA USD 255,- 1 DELUXE, 1 MAL SH, 1 FEM SH
1726 6-Dec-17 17-Dec-17 11 Sorong All of Raja Ampat Sorong USD 6325,- USD 7325,- NA USD 255,- 1 DELUXE, 1 FEMALE SH
1727 18-Dec-17 29-Dec-17 11 Sorong All of Raja Ampat Sorong USD 6325,- USD 7325,- NA USD 255,- BOOKED
1728 30-Dec-17 10-Jan-18 11 Sorong All of Raja Ampat Sorong USD 6325,- USD 7325,- NA USD 255,- BOOKED

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News from the Goddess of the Indonesian Archipelago

Dewi Nusantara Gone East: Diving Trips to Alor & Wetar

Dewi Nusantara has had a wonderful summer spent in Alor, Wetar, Komodo and Wakatobi.

Critters galore, tribal dances, Komodo dragons, pink sandy beaches, Rinca monkeys, idyllic sunrises and sunsets and kaleidoscope reefs.

Alor is a place of numerous world class dive sites including Beangabang & the unique Clown Valley. Astonishing seascape, kalediscope colours, diverse marine life & critters gALORe!! Including the rare Rhinopias species. Whilst amazing and rare Rhinopias aren't even considered a surprise in these parts! The Paddle-flap and weedy scorpionfish both regular contenders! Wetar Island, is a remote and rarely visited island in the very eastern Lesser Sundas yet hosts many amazing dives. A fantastic mix of reef and muck dives offer something for everyone at the heart of the Coral Triangle. 

Demi Nusantara Dry Dock


Our last guests disembarked on 26th August and our wonderful crew made the long 5 day and 5 night continuous sail from Bau Bau, through the Banda Sea and up to Sorong (experiencing some 3.5 metre waves) to deliver the goddess to dry dock; for her annual 4 week beautification which is now full steam ahead.

Talking of our crew, Dewi Nusantara is committed to the further marine education of our staff. 

We pride ourself on being pro actively at the forefront of required education levels and facilitating this for our crew. Congratulations to Frangky who is just completing his 8 week further education diploma in Manado. We look forward to seeing you back on-board very soon and congratulations to all crew members who have completed their further education this year.


Creating the perfect charter


Chartering a yacht must be an effortless experience. Cruising Indonesia knows what is all that is required, the expert team of the selected liveaboard will do the rest.

Everything tailor-made

Charter the full boat is something that it is proven to be much more fun and allow you to adapt the cruise and the dives to your personal likings. 

Having a boat in exclusivity you can choose the return and departure dates closest to your needs, you can define the route and your favorite dive points, visiting the best areas calmly, unlike an ordinary programmed trip with other passengers. You can also combine diving with snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, water skiing, trips to the slands and beaches.


Your on board preferences, hopes and desires

Rent a yacht is the ideal solution for families or groups who have different interests than scuba diving.

You can request your favorite food and beverages, as well as preparing special arrangements to private celebrations and events.

Often a group estimate is able to get a more convenient quotation.

Sailboats dedicated to dive cruises must be booked in advance, as soon as they are reserved by customers for a regular cruise program, may no longer be available exclusively.


Planning your Charter

Chartering a yacht deserves considerable planning ahead so that every aspect of your charter is tuned to perfection.

We dedicate plenty of time to advice and help you to decide the right yacht and the rigth destination before you are ready to materialise you booking.

And of course, we would love help you to plan all your entire itinerary!

Contact us to for a customised diving trip or a private charter on the Liveaboard Dewi Nusantara.

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