World class dive destinations - Whale Shark encounters

World class dive destinations

Cruising Indonesia offers tailor-made trips to all the places on our planet where there is something of special interest to divers:

Galapagos, Cocos, PNG, Palau, Solomons, Tubbataha, and any amazing diving destinations beyond Indonesia.

World class dive destinations

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The diver who visits Indonesia is almost always an expert, has traveled extensively and seeks new experiences in diving. Many of them are our loyal customers, for this reason we organise trips for them to every part of the world that can offer diving of the highest level.


Cruising Indonesia offers diving trips to all the places on our planet where there is something of special interest to the diver:

dive travel for scuba divers in Solomon Islands

√ Galapagos, Cocos, Malpelo, Soccorro, pelagic sanctuaries of the central-south American continent, sharks, whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, whales, manta rays, large pelagics always present in these remote islands.

Palau with its strict ecological rules, offers us wonderful dives, pelagic and WWII wrecks. For those who have time we can organise a complete tour of Micronesia; Palau, Yap, Truk, Pohnpei, Kosrae, forgotten islands with great dives and a relaxing atmosphere.

√ The jewels of the South Pacific; New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Polynesia are exclusive and successful destinations.

√ In Papua New Guinea, our neighbour, in addition to the beautiful dives in Milne Bay, Kimbe Bay, Kavieng and Rabaul, we also offer expeditions on the Sepik River one of the most remote and difficult to reach areas of the planet, and the visit of festivals the most important in the country, Sing Sing in Mount Hagen and Goroka, in the town of the same name, where dozens of ethnic groups exhibit traditional costumes, dances and songs, a kermesse that leaves even the most experienced travelers stunned.

Tubbataha Reef, Christmas Island, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Maldives complete the worldwide underwater panorama.

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The best diving in the world

The best scuba diving travel destinations in the world:

  • Solomon Islands
    Solomon Islands
    WHY YOU SHOULD GO AND DIVE SOLOMON ISLANDS? Hundreds of tropical islands in an intact natural environment, remote enough to…
  • Tubbataha Reef, Philippines
    Tubbataha Reef, Philippines
    WHY SHOULD GO AND DIVE TUBBATAHA REEF One of the best preserved marine areas on the planet The marine park…
  • Cocos Island, Costa Rica -US$2000 OFF!
    Cocos Island, Costa Rica -US$2000 OFF!
    Cocos Island Dive Cruises Deals 2022 Cocos Islands dive cruise with Sea Hunter Liveaboard - October 25-November 4, 2022 -…
  • Christmas Island
    Christmas Island
    WHY YOU SHOULD GO AND DIVE CHRISTMAS ISLAND? One of the best diving in Australia! Christmas Island is a dot…
  • Tonga
    WHY SHOULD GO AND DIVE TONGA? Swimming with humpback whales is an once-in-a-lifetime experience! The dream can come true in…
  • Socorro, Revillagigedo Islands
    Socorro, Revillagigedo Islands
    WHY SHOULD GO AND DIVE SOCORRO Best diving in Mexico! Socorro Island, part of the Revillagigedo archipelago, is located 250…
  • Papua New Guinea, PNG
    Papua New Guinea, PNG
    WHY YOU SHOULD GO AND DIVE PAPUA NEW GUINEA? The once in a life dive trip: PNG! Papua New Guinea,…
  • Galapagos
    WHY YOU SHOULD GO AND DIVE GALAPAGOS? One of the best diving in the world! The Galapagos Islands are located…
  • Palau Islands and Micronesia
    Palau Islands and Micronesia
    WHY SHOULD GO AND DIVE PALAU ISLANDS AND MICRONESIA? Diving in the last pristine paradises on Earth: Palau! The Republic…

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