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Customized tours of Indonesia

Get off the beaten track with our customized tours of Indonesia.

We specialise in tailor made tours to remote parts of the Indonesian archipelago. Explore the seas, mountains, rain forests; know the people and fascinating cultures of this amazing archipelago as colourful as it is vast. Explore our tour suggestions below and e-mail us to create Your trip


Straddling the equator, the 17.500 islands and atolls of the Indonesian archipelago stretch almost 5.000 km from east to west and more than 2.000 km from north to south. Two millions square kilometers of lands, mountains, jungles and six seas covering more than 3 millions square kilometers, 80.000 km of coasts, deep blue waters, hundreds of reefs yet to explore, which host the greatest marine biodiversity of the planet (Indonesia has 17% of the world’s corals).

Indonesia brings together an astonishingly varied collection of people and a rich multicultural heritage. The rugged mountainous terrain and the fact that the country is made up of so many islands, often isolated, has resulted in groups of people (more than 400 ethnic groups), with distinct traditions and an extraordinarily diverse array of languages and cultures across the archipelago.

Unique and fascinating cultures, like in Bali, where the religion is still the center of social life and the people, shows the best of elegance and creativity during its beautiful ceremonies; or the fascinating world of Toraja People, on Sulawesi island, famous for their funerals - where families often spent huge amount of money in buffalo sacrifices. Yet, in Sumba, warriors of different tribes challenge with spears on horseback during the Pasola Festival, an ancient spectacular war ritual. In many others regions Flores, Alor and West Papua, inhabitants still follow ancestral animistic rituals.

In terms of landscape Indonesia offers the greatest variety of scenery.

There are some huge islands like Sumatra (bigger than Spain), or West Papua (almost twice the size of the UK). Volcanoes and mountains often reach 3.000 meters. The highest peak in the country, Puncak Jaya in West Papua is 5.050m high. Myriads of small islands, atolls and rocks are break the sea surface offering to travelers white deserted sandy beaches, shaded by palm trees, turquoise lagoons and tiny fishing villages.

Traveling Indonesia offer world class diving, trekking that is well and truly off the beaten track, amazing postcard beaches, unknown cultures, but also top class hotels and resorts, luxury villas, spas, nightlife, restaurants and some of the best hospitality in the world. Definitely not to be missed.

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