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Diving Travel in Indonesia

Why Indonesia is ideal for your next Diving Travel

Pontoh's pigmy seahorse in the coral reefs of Raja Ampat

Indonesia is great for UW and Macro Photography

Indonesia boasts the largest marine biodiversity of the planet, and its remarkable number of diving destinations have something for everyone, not to mention that diving in Indonesia is still affordable either by Liveaboard or Dive Resort. Located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, Indonesia is a divers' Marineland: 17,000 islands and atolls with thousands of dive sites and kilometres of reefs with the richest biodiversity of marine species, many of them endemic -therefore can not be seen elsewhere in the world, only here!

World Class Diving All Year Round

You can dive the Indonesian Archipelago at any time of the year, among the many diving destinations of this 1'904,569 square kilometers transcontinental country you will always find the right diving season matching your holiday calendar: from October to April is good time for dive RAJA AMPAT, from April to November runs the best diving season in KOMODO, in FORGOTTEN ISLANDS and BANDA SEA instead you can choose between 2 diving seasons, April to May or October to November, and there diving destinations as CENDRAWASIH BAY where you can dive all year round. See the complete list of DIVING SEASONS IN INDONESIA.

The World's Greatest Diversity of Coral Reef and Fish

Wobbegong shark one endemic species of Raja Ampat

Indonesia is one of Coral Triangle countries with the world's greatest diversity of coral reef fish with more than 1,650 species in eastern Indonesia only, its range of sea and coastal ecosystems, including not only beaches and coral reefs, but also estuaries, mangroves, seagrass beds, coastal mudflats, tidal flats, algal beds, and small island ecosystems.

Without talk of all of the marine species you can see or photograph here... Wobbegong the carpet shark, Epaulette the walking shark, super photogenic juvenal batfish, mandarin fish, Ambon cardinal fish, crocodile fish, gobi fish, pigmy seahorse -at least in all these variants: bargibanti, coleman, denise, pontoh, satomi, severn, waleananus or punk pigmy seahorse -that one with the black star in the eyes-. And also pelagic, reef sharks -white tip, black tip, grey tip, silver tip-, hammerhead shark, thresher shark, dugong, tuna, grouper, sea turtle, sun fish or mola mola, a dozen of whalesharks swimming all together in one dive, whales with their calves, tens or hundreds -if you are technological enough to know how to use a drone- of oceanic mantas with 6 meters of wingspan. And macro, porcelain crab, orangutan crab, harlequin shrimp, sexy shrimp, weird nudibranchs, every kind of bizarre sea creatures, known as critters in divers' slang, the poisonous but gripping scorpion fish in every version spiny devilfish, zebra lionfish, leafy scorpionfish, raged-finned lionfish, stonefish and rhinopias, these ones in each hue you can imagine red, green, yellow...


A Range of World Class Dives Sites

Indonesia offers many possibilities to plan a diving trip: colourful reefs and wide angle in Raja Ampat and Triton Bay; pelagic and fish action in Komodo and Banda Sea; Hammers and Sharks in Forgotten Islands; Whale sharks and wrecks in Cendrawasih Bay; vertiginious walls in Wakatobi; Bunaken and Banda Sea; macro in Lembeh, Ambon, Alor and Bima; manta trains in Raja Ampat and Komodo; easy wreck diving reachable from the shore in Bali... It all depends on your particular interest as a diver or photographer or what are you looking for your group of divers or simply the need to meet the requirement of a budget.. Not to mention the variety of types of diving vacation you could do here... in Indonesia you can dive from a LIVEABOARD or from a DIVE RESORT or if you prefer we can organise a SAFARI DIVING for you, which can include multiple destinations in Indonesia or in one region. Here in Indonesia there is not reason to spend a entire vacation diving always in the same place...

We knows Indonesia well, and we can organise for you the "once in a lifetime travel", many times, here in Indonesia.

Explorer, dream, discover... good dives

The World's Best Scuba Diving Locations are here, in Indonesia

Get here many ideas for your diving travel in Indonesia. Or just contact us to make all the arrangements. No worries, only dives!

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