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Diving Indonesia

Travels and cruises for divers with the diving specialists in Indonesia

Diving in the most biodiverse ocean waters of the planet where whale shark, mantas ray and mola mola is resident, and big mammals are seasonal, whereas rare marine species and pristine cinematic reefs are the delight of underwater photographers all year round.


Coral reef and manta in Indonesia

Indonesia is the diver's dream, its territory includes the largest part of the "Triangle of Biodiversity". The variety of landscapes both above and below the sea surface is unmatched in any other country on the planet. Diving in the 3 million km2 of the Indonesian Sea, you can find practically everything. Many divers, even the experienced ones, have identified the species that were still missing from their photographic collections. Add to this that something new and sensational comes out every year from the still unexplored borders of this immense archipelago.

We can say without fear of being shown otherwise that Indonesia is the most complete country that a diver can visit: ocean walls, underwater volcanoes, canyons, pinnacles and submerged caves are the usual scenes of diving in Indonesia. Wide angle, macro photography, wall diving, drift diving, shipwrecks, bugs, mantas... here you will find everything and more to spend a vacation among different and exuberant tropical islands, idyllic beaches, a sea with all shades of blue, besides an incredible cultural and natural diversity.

Indonesia, the largest archipelago in the world; 17,000 islands, seas, oceans, atolls, beaches and coral reefs house the biggest biodiversity in the world!

Where and when to dive in Indonesia

The immense extension of the archipelago allows you to have different climates and microclimates in various periods of the year, with the possibility of always enjoying, in one or more regions of the country, a pleasant climate, clear seas and ideal conditions for diving.

Diving seasons in Indonesia can be divided as follows:

One diver dives with twelve whale sharks in Indonesia

From October to May it is high season for Raja Ampat, Triton Bay and Halmahera for which the period between June and September is also fine, when the only problem is the wind blowing in the most exposed parts of the region. In this period there are clearer waters and less rain. Raja Ampat is extraordinary throughout the year!

From April to November the weather is perfect in Komodo, Derawan, Sulawesi and Bali. No rain and excellent visibility, pleasant climate, cool with constant breezes.

Two short seasons April-May and October-November to visit The Banda SeaThe Ring of Fire and The Forgotten Islands. These destinations can only be visited through dive boat, in the transition periods between the monsoons, when the sea is calm and excellent visibility. October/November is the season for hammerhead sharks, which can sometimes be spotted in numerous schools and at shallow depths.

Due to excellent protection Cenderawasih Bay offers, it is an optimal destination for divers eager of whale sharks all year round.

Indonesia offers multiple opportunities for diving trips, on a cruise or in a resort, our agency can even develop a safari diving for you that includes several destinations in Indonesia or several dive sites in one region. Such as Bali, an island famous for culture and fun, but highly underestimated for what can be found underneath the surface.

Underwater photography experience in Indonesia

Scorpionfish on vase coral in Indonesia

The marine life that the diver will find in Indonesia

Whale sharks and manta rays, giant groupers and tuna, hammerhead sharks, dugongs, reef sharks, Mola Mola and fox sharks, jackfish and horned parrots, Wobbegong and Epaulette

For the macro it would be an infinite list; porcelain crabs, orangutan crab, harlequin shrimp, the super photogenic juvenile batfish, mandarin fish, Ambon cardinal fish, crocodile fish, pygmy seahorse in all its variants: bargibanti, coleman, denise, pontoh, satomi, severn, waleananus; sexy shrimp, rare nudibranchs, some still unclassified, and a series of bizarre sea creatures known as critters, including the poisonous but captivating scorpion fish in all its variants spiny devilfish, zebra lionfish, leafy scorpionfish, ragged-finned lionfish, stonefish and rhinopias in all the unimaginable shades of pink, red, yellow, greenish....

In short, it would be the journey of life for the diver, but then finally it becomes the journey of each year!


Explore, dream, discover... great diving

These are the best diving destinations in Indonesia:

  • Raja Ampat in West Papua
    Raja Ampat in West Papua
    RAJA AMPAT, DIVE THE MOST BIODIVERSE REEFS ON THE PLANET Diving in Raja Ampat is an extraordinary experience, no other…
  • Cenderawasih Bay: diving with whale sharks
    Cenderawasih Bay: diving with whale sharks
    DIVING IN THE LARGEST WHALE SHARKS SANCTUARY: CENDERAWASIH BAY The immense Cenderawasih Bay is home to the largest marine park…
  • Komodo National Park
    Komodo National Park
    KOMODO ARCHIPELAGO, DIVING BETWEEN TWO OCEANS Scuba diving is one of the main activities in the Komodo National Park, with…
  • Bali Island of Gods and one of the Finest Diving in the World
    Bali Island of Gods and one of the Finest Diving in the World
    Bali, an underwater photographer's paradise With several million tourists a year, Bali is often overlooked by the experienced diver who…
  • Banda Sea
    Banda Sea
    DIVING TRIPS IN BANDA SEA The characteristic of the Banda Sea is the depth that reaches in some points up…
  • Togian Islands
    Togian Islands
    Togian Island Group is an idyllic tropical setting with great diving Untouched paradise, one of the few places on earth…
  • Alor and Solor
    Alor and Solor
    ALOR AND SOLOR: THE NEW DIVING DESTINATION OF ASIA Remote and unspoiled, the 18 islands between Solor and Alor are…
  • Halmahera, North Maluku
    Halmahera, North Maluku
    DIVING IN HALMAHERA AND THE NORTHERN MOLUCCAS Halmahera is a large, uniquely shaped island in the north of the Moluccas.…
  • Triton Bay
    Triton Bay
    INCREDIBLE DIVE SITES OF TRITON BAY IN THE REMOTE WEST PAPUA Dive the famous Raja Ampat and take the rare…
  • Derawan Islands
    Derawan Islands
    DIVING DERAWAN, KAKABAN, SANGALAKI AND MARATUA Derawan is far away from all tourist routes and rarely will you find any…
  • Bunaken Lembeh and Sangihe
    Bunaken Lembeh and Sangihe
    World class Muck Diving and Critter Diving at Lembeh Strait Imagine a thin strip of land created by powerful volcanoes…
  • Wakatobi
    Diving Wakatobi and discover the healthiest coral fields you have ever seen The Wakatobi National Park in Tukangbesi Archipelago, a…
  • The Ring of Fire: from Flores to Banda Sea
    The Ring of Fire: from Flores to Banda Sea
    Diving Flores and Banda -Maumere-Ambon-, natural migratory paths of pelagics and marine mammals This journey cruises through a wide range…
  • Raja Ampat and Halmahera plus Lembeh Strait
    Raja Ampat and Halmahera plus Lembeh Strait
    The better of Raja Ampat, Moluccas and Sulawesi in one lifetime diving trip. This trip takes us from Sorong in…
  • Forgotten Islands
    Forgotten Islands
    Forgotten Islands is a long chain of islands and atolls that is part of the Southern Maluku. The whole region…

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