Our stunning dive resorts

Our dive resorts

Prefer dry land? Cruising Indonesia have carefully selected some of the finest most secluded dive resorts in the Indonesian archipelago.

Click on a resort below to find out more. Please contact us if you have any questions - we are here to help.

  • Sali Bay Resort
    Sali Bay Resort
    SALI BAY (DIVE) RESORT Surprising lodge with intact lively reef house and an ever-increasing number of dive sites, in the…
  • Kalimaya Dive Resort
    Kalimaya Dive Resort
    KALIMAYA DIVE RESORT ON THE WEST COAST OF KOMODO Just a short ride away from Komodo National Park Kalimaya Dive…
  • Raja 4 Divers Resort
    Raja 4 Divers Resort
    WELCOME TO PULAU PEF, HOME OF RAJA 4 DIVERS RESORT The island Pef is situated 50km south of the equator,…
  • Misool Eco Resort
    Misool Eco Resort
    A TRUE TROPICAL HIDEWAY: MISOOL ECO RESORT Misool Eco Resort is a true tropical hideaway nestled deep in an archipelago…
  • Kri Eco Resort & Sorido Bay Resort
    Kri Eco Resort & Sorido Bay Resort
    KRI ECO RESORT & SORIDO BAY RESORT Kri Eco Resort, located in Cape Kri, was established in 1994 and was…
  • Komodo Resort
    Komodo Resort
    Komodo Resort is ideally located near some of the best KOMODO dive spots. The island of Sebayur is just beyond…
  • Alor Divers Eco Resort
    Alor Divers Eco Resort
    Diving Alor Strait with Alor Divers Eco Resort Alor Island is the house reef for Alor Divers Eco Resort, one…
  • Angel Island Resort
    Angel Island Resort
    DIVING WITH ANGEL ISLAND RESORT Angel Island Resort has been the first resort established in KOMODO with the purpose to…
  • Wakatobi Dive Resort
    Wakatobi Dive Resort
    DIVING WAKATOBI ON A LUXURY DIVE RESORT Wakatobi Dive Resort is one of the most luxurious resorts in south-east Asia…

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