Pristine House Reef of Raja 4 Divers Resort ~ © Photo: Pere Rubio for Raja 4 Divers Resort Pristine House Reef of Raja 4 Divers Resort ~ © Photo: Pere Rubio for Raja 4 Divers Resort

Raja 4 Divers Resort


The island Pef is situated 50km south of the equator, and is well within the tropical climate of the equatorial belt. There are no real seasons in Raja Ampat. Sun, wind and waves can change on a daily basis all year round. This also applies to currents and underwater visibility. Rain showers are usually short and temperatures remain warm nevertheless. Unlike many other regions of Indonesia, where the months between October and April usually bring a lot of rain, Raja Ampat does not really have a rainy season. During that time most of the liveaboards come to Raja Ampat to avoid the bad weather. From May to September, however, only guests from the local resorts dive the countless reefs of Raja Ampat. This means for you: having the dive sites all to yourself!.

Pulau Pef is by its diversity a very unique island, which Raja 4 Divers Resort calls home. On this unspoiled island called Pulau (Island) Pef there is truly diving paradise with pristine house reefs, coconut fringed beaches, uncountable lagoons, spectacular bays, mangroves and a hidden lake. For those who do not dive the exuberant nature of Pulau Pef offers a lot of activities on incredible environments: climbable rocky outcrops, limestone ‘mushroom’ islands, unexplored caves, rain forests, wild orchids, ancient rock art, and an amazing wildlife.

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There is a great variety of dive sites in the immediate area surrounding of Pulau Pef, from sites dripping with lush soft corals, to spectacular hard coral gardens, slopes, critter sites and mantas. Being in the heart of RAJA AMPAT Pulau Pef is quite simply one of the most beautiful islands in the archipelago. It is not a chance that Raja4Divers Resort has been celebrated by all the specialized diving journals in the world...


The dive resort Raja4Divers opened in June 2011 under Swiss management. The small resort is entirely built in authentic Papuan style. It offers exclusivity, great comfort and together with the local Papuan employees a family atmosphere. Seven spacious beach bungalows on stilts, with large semi-open bathrooms and a big sunset deck offer plenty of space for relaxation and rest. Enjoy the incredible sunsets of Raja Ampat in front of your bungalow!

The unique landscape and marine life of Pulau Pef offers besides diving, other countless ways to experience Raja Ampat: kayaking, snorkeling, exploring jungle trails, climbing hills, sun bathing, playing pétanque, volley ball or chess, treating yourself to a cold beer at the sunset bar or else enjoying the sweet idleness and the wonderful view over the vast sea from the hammock of your private deck. Often our guests have been able to observe passing by dolphins directly from the resort sundeck!

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Raja_4_Divers_Resort Raja_4_Divers_Resort Raja_4_Divers_Resort

Raja_4_Divers_Resort Raja_4_Divers_Resort Raja_4_Divers_Resort 

Raja 4 Divers Resort

Pulau Pef is a private island and it runs by their Swiss owners. The 128sqm bungalows have enough room for everything: 48sqm the bedroom, 24sqm the deck, and the open air bathroom 44sqm. Extremely spacious, light and airy, each bungalow is equipped with every comfort: mini fridge, water dispenser, writing desk, mini safe, large en-suite indoor/outdoor bathroom, hot and cold water, amenities, bath towels, swimming towels, and on the large deck: sun loungers, hammock and steps into the water.

Raja_4_Divers_Resort Raja_4_Divers_Resort Raja_4_Divers_Resort

Raja_4_Divers_Resort Raja_4_Divers_Resort Raja_4_Divers_Resort

A myriad of spectacular dive sites

The reefs of RAJA AMPAT are specifically referred to as ‘species factories’, replenishing other reef ecosystems by sweeping coral larvae across the Indian and Pacific Oceans via their strong currents.

Pulau Pef is surrounded by the world's richest reefs, many varied habitats and a myriad of spectacular dive sites: soft corals, spectacular hard coral gardens, slopes, critter sites and mantas, mantas, mantas… 

Raja_4_Divers_Resort Raja_4_Divers_Resort Raja_4_Divers_Resort

Raja_4_Divers_Resort Raja_4_Divers_Resort Raja_4_Divers_Resort

Raja_4_Divers_Resort Raja_4_Divers_Resort Raja_4_Divers_Resort

Raja Ampat is not just another diving destination, this is the Holy Grail for scientists and underwater photographers, proven to be the richest reefs on the planet and Pulau Pef offers the possibility to experience that fascinating variety of habitats and underwater experiences. Maybe for that it is called the mini RAJA AMPAT.

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Diving with Raja 4 Divers Resort

  • In additon to unlimited house reef diving we offer daily three trips to different dive sites. 
  • We have 9 lts and 11 lts aluminium tanks (DIN/INT adapter). 
  • Our speedboats are very modern and offer space for 8 divers. 
  • The speedboats are well equipped with a DAN Oxygen Case and emergency set. 

Rates, Inclusions and Exclusions

  • Very interesting is our package for unlimited diving, accommodation and meals, that is includes:
  • All dive boat rides (no fuel surcharges apply) 
  • WiFi and tablet in the bungalows
  • Camera atelier inclusive a 27“ iMac

  • Laundry
Full board, water, tea, coffee, snacks
  • We have special policy for group:
  • 7 paying guests + 1 FOC
  • 14 paying guests + 2 FOC

How to get there

  • Arrival at Raja4Divers resort at Pulau Pef is on Saturdays, departure is on Friday afternoon.
  • The destination airport is Sorong which belongs to West Papua, Indonesia. 

  • There are various airlines that fly to Jakarta and from there directly to Sorong. Here you will be awaited by Raja4Divers staff and shuttled to the harbor and then taken by boat to Pulau Pef. In our speed boat you can comfortably travel lying down.

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Raja 4 Divers have been built by divers, thinking in divers and, of course, in their main interest: the underwater photography.

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Package Resort plus Liveaboard

Book in advance your liveaboard diving cruise to be able to visit all the dive spots of Raja Ampat. The Raja Ampat National Park covers more than 40,000 km² of land and sea. The remote dive points of Northern Raja Ampat Cape Kri, Dampier Strait, Kawe, Aljuy Bay, Wayag can be reached just by a liveaboard trip.


Papua_Baliem_Valley_Cruising Indonesia

Trekking in Baliem Valley

The Baliem Valley in the highland of Irian Jaya, is the region inhabited by the Dani Tribes and other sub tribes as Yali and Lani. The many different tribes have lived scattered across the highland plateau for 1000 years, they are small agrarian clans, isolated by the harsh terrain and divided by language, custom and tradition. Papuan tribes are all polygamist and conduct rituals for important occasions. The use of "Koteka" a penis gourd, is large extended between them to distinguish their tribal identity. This will be a journey through the time to encounter complex and primitive cultures, that look as come out of "the stone age".


Diving with Whale Sharks in Cenderawasih Bay

Cenderawasih Bay, the latest Whale Sharks Sanctuary discovered in Indonesia, where is possible find the gentle giants at any time of the year for diving, snorkeling, or just swimming with them. In a pioneering expedition of Cruising Indonesia in Cendrawasih Bay we were able to see 12 magnificent specimens of whale sharks swimming all around our group of only 6 divers. Now, all the Indonesian liveaboards are including Cendrawasih National Park as part of its diving destinations.


Bali Villas a Special Sojourn

Coming back from Raja Ampat, it is time for indulging yourself while enjoying the legendary hospitality of Bali, the island of Gods. Do not lose the opportunity to stay in one of the magnificent Villas of Bali! Their rare, refined and stylish details will surprise you as well as our pricing list.

And of course once in Bali, do not miss our favorite “Island of Gods Tour by Cruising Indonesia", a bliss experience.

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