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Komodo Resort

Komodo Resort is ideally located near some of the best KOMODO dive spots. The island of Sebayur is just beyond the limit of Komodo National Park in which no building activity are allowed. The resort offers good service and excellent Italian and Indonesian cuisine. Komodo Resort and Angel Island Resort in Bidadari Island are the two only structures that can be properly considered as resort in Komodo region.

Komodo Dive Resort is built on a small uninhabited island, just outside the Komodo National Park border. Few minutes from the stunning dive sites of Castle Rock, Crystal Rock, Batu Bolong, Karang Malassar, the mantas aggregation site and many more. Even closer, some other good spots are located just outside the bungalow door. Snorkeling is good on the house reef and below the jetty. Rinca Island and its dragons, last at only 30 minutes by boat.

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Komodo_Resort Komodo_Resort Komodo_Resort

Komodo_Resort Komodo_Resort Komodo_Resort

The Sebayur Island is hilly and covered by grassland savanna, the interior homes Timor deer, wild goats, white headed eagles and other smaller animals. The Island offers beaches and coastal mangroves. On the opposite islet, a white sandy beach, with turquoise waters, is ideal for swimming and relax.
Diving in Komodo is superlative, both for great fish action and macro. Sometimes whales are sighted just in front the resort, and the rare dugong also appears to the more lucky divers. Mantas are one of the most thrilling experiences, even for snorkelers.

Komodo_Resort Komodo_Resort Komodo_Resort

Komodo_Resort Komodo_Resort Komodo_Resort

The wooden bungalows with grass roof are perfectly integrated on the wild surroundings. All rooms are comfortable with plenty of space, the standard bungalows have fan, and deluxe ones comes with air conditioned. The en-suite bathroom offers hot shower, stone basin and is equipped with towels and some toiletries. All bungalows are sea front oriented with large veranda, cushions and chairs for relaxing.

Komodo_Resort Komodo_Resort Komodo_ResortKomodo_Resort

Komodo_Resort Komodo_Resort Komodo_Resort

The restaurant is on the beach, serves Italian and local dishes, from respectively, an Italian chef and an Indonesian chef. Breakfast is American style, at lunch and dinner are served 3 meals including a choice of desserts. The menu is based mainly in seafood and fresh home made pastas, but also salads, chicken, mouthwatering entries and dessert caterer for an always different choice. The resto of Komodo Resort is also a good opportunity for trying the exotic Indonesian kitchen.


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Package Resort plus Liveaboard

Book in advance your liveaboard diving cruise to be able to visit all the dive spots of Komodo: Cannibal Rock, Yellow Wall, Manta Alley, Crinoids Cayon, German Flag, Torpedo Point. The Komodo National Park covers a total area of 219,322 ha. The remote dive points of Southern Komodo Island and Southern Rinca Island can be reached just by a liveaboard trip. And the Eastern Komodo's dive points in Batanta Island and Sangeang Island, too.


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