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Kri Eco Resort & Sorido Bay Resort


Kri Eco Resort, located in Cape Kri, was established in 1994 and was the first dive resort to open in RAJA AMPAT. Kri Eco Resort is a low environmental impact resort, and is designed to blend in with the natural surroundings. The resort is built from natural local materials, using local craftsmen and traditional design from the local Papuan villages.

More than 90% of the staff of Kri Eco Resort, is Papuan. Many past ex-sharkfinners and dynamite fishermen than now working for Papua Diving and are now the most active conservationists and protective caretakers of their natural environment.

The beautiful 10 over water bungalows of a traditional Papuan design perched on wooden stilts, across from abundant reefs and pristine jungle. The standard water cottage has shared ‘mandi’ type bathrooms with western toilet & hot mandi after a night dive (Indonesian mandi is operated by pouring water over yourself). The deluxe water cottages has en-suite private bathroom with warm water (western standards).

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Kri_Eco_Resort Kri_Eco_Resort Kri_Eco_Resort

Kri_Eco_Resort Kri_Eco_Resort Kri_Eco_Resort

The restaurant and lounge areas are located on the water for that relaxing feeling and sound of being close to water. The Kri Eco Resort resto offers excellent food and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, 3 times a day. The meals are prepared in the open kitchen and are served on the communal table. A variety of local vegetables and fruits please vegetarian guests. Drinking water, coffee & tea are provided free of charge. For an extra charge you can enjoy a cool beer, soft drinks or fresh fruit juices.

Kri_Eco_Resort Kri_Eco_Resort Kri_Eco_Resort

Kri_Eco_Resort Kri_Eco_Resort Kri_Eco_Resort

This is the place in Raja Ampat where all the records of fish biodiversity have been broken. First time, in 2001, during one of the Conservation International marine surveys, Dr. Gerald R. Allen broke his record of fish diversity by counting 283 different species of fish during one dive. That dive was conducted in Sorido Bay and added 80 species to the previous record of 203. Then in April 2012, Dr. Allen conducted another survey and counted an amazing 374 different fish species. A significant increase of 91 species from his former Cape Kri count, 11 years earlier.

Hippocampus Pontoh at Raja Ampat Photo Courtesy by JLHonduras Wobbegong Shark at Raja Ampat Photo Courtesy by JLHonduras Raja_Ampat_Rich_Marine_Life_JLHonduras

Raja_Ampat_Manta_JLHonduras Raja_Ampat_Manta_JLHonduras Raja_Ampat_Manta_JLHonduras

Raja_Ampat_Sea_Turtle_Paolo_Colombo Raja_Ampat_Ghost_Pipefish_JLHonduras Raja_Ampat_Personable_Blenny_Paolo_Colombo


Cruising Indonesia is committed to ensuring you a perfect diving holiday and offers direct assistance during your entire trip. Just contact us and we will arrange everything you need: all the details of your booking, ground services, your international & domestic flights, transfers, and more…

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Package Resort plus Liveaboard

Book in advance your liveaboard diving cruise to be able to visit all the dive spots of Raja Ampat. The Raja Ampat National Park covers more than 40,000 km² of land and sea. The remote dive points of Northern Raja Ampat” Kawe, Aljuy Bay, Wayag can be reached just by a liveaboard trip.


Papua_Baliem_Valley_Cruising Indonesia

Trekking in Baliem Valley

The Baliem Valley in the highland of Irian Jaya, is the region inhabited by the Dani Tribes and other sub tribes as Yali and Lani. The many different tribes have lived scattered across the highland plateau for 1000 years, they are small agrarian clans, isolated by the harsh terrain and divided by language, custom and tradition. Papuan tribes are all polygamist and conduct rituals for important occasions. The use of "Koteka" a penis gourd, is large extended between them to distinguish their tribal identity. This will be a journey through the time to encounter complex and primitive cultures, that look as come out of "the stone age".


Diving with Whale Sharks in Cenderawasih Bay

Cenderawasih Bay, the latest Whale Sharks Sanctuary discovered in Indonesia, where is possible find the gentle giants at any time of the year for diving, snorkeling, or just swimming with them. In a pioneering expedition of Cruising Indonesia in Cendrawasih Bay we were able to see 12 magnificent specimens of whale sharks swimming all around our group of only 6 divers. Now, all the Indonesian liveaboards are including Cendrawasih National Park as part of its diving destinations.


Bali Villas a Special Sojourn

Coming back from Raja Ampat, it is time for indulging yourself while enjoying the legendary hospitality of Bali, the island of Gods. Do not lose the opportunity to stay in one of the magnificent Villas of Bali! Their rare, refined and stylish details will surprise you as well as our pricing list.

And of course once in Bali, do not miss our favorite “Island of Gods Tour by Cruising Indonesia", a bliss experience.

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