Halmahera Goraici and Bacan, The Northern Maluku

Halmahera Goraici and Bacan


Halmahera is an emerging hot diving destination in the Indonesian Archipelago

Halmahera is the largest island of Northern Moluccas or Maluku and is located in the heart of the Coral Triangle. Its proximity to Raja Ampat suggests that soon will become a new and very hot dive destination. Such recognition is expected occur soon, in order to preserve one of the world's richest ecosystems, where in each new survey trips are discovered new specimens, as the Hemiscyllium Halmahera, a new specie of Bamboo Walking Shark (Hemiscyllidae), cousin of the Hemiscyllium Galei from Cenderawasih Bay, West Papua. And even more recent scientific study went to areas, they had world record fish counts in an area within Halmahera... Yes, apparently even more than the Raja Ampat.

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Tifore Island


Located mid way between Manado in North Sulawesi and Halmahera, in open ocean waters, this island offer great pelagic action, diving an underwater sea mount, we have a chance of grey reef and other sharks, big schools of barracudas, lots of fusiliers, surgeons and dramatic scenery round the giant rocks that form this site.

The Goraici Island Group

Having a great dive sites, here we have it all, great fish packed reefs and one of the most pristine hard coral garden which surrounds a whole island. One of the best sites are a coral covered wall where all the big pelagic cruise by off reef, colorful coral packed sloping gardens with black tip sharks all around.

We can spend lots of time within this great area of the Goraichi islands, to dive on more pristine reefs with excellent fish life and reef scenery. Also worth to go in search of critters on the reef slopes. Good for night dives too.


Patinti Strait

These islands are very rarely visited and tourists are very welcomed into this region. We dive on the west side of an island for the big fish, great chances to see reef sharks, big Napoleon wrasses and lots of great schooling fish life. Depending on the current we will dive the north of the island for the reef scenery and best schooling fish action. Great drift dive trough a channel, starting on a huge coral ridge, slowly heading shallower and drifting up along the sandy slope where lots of big fish hang out, also there is a great area for critter hunting. Also a good place for our night dive! We can spend quite a few days in these straits.

Halmahera Strait

A great chance here for big fishes and outstanding pelagic fish action, when currents are performing right. In the mainland of Halmahera is possible to go on shore with the locals for a closer look at the bird life, to see all tropical birds like parakeets, lorikeets and if usually hornbills.



There is a quiet anchorage with an excellent muck site in front of a small village, hear we can find all the usual classic black sand critters and get plenty of fresh coconuts to make the evening cocktails.

This is an area where mangroves meet deep open ocean reefs, said to have wonderful marine life. Groupers, sharks, Napoleon wrasses, bumphead parrot fishes all have been spotted in large numbers. But a lot is still to discover.

In whole, great area for big fishes, pelagics, beautiful coral gardens and reefs full of marine life. It’s also good for critters. And wonderful beaches in the Goraici group…

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Useful Information Itinerary Halmahera Goriaci and Bacan



Diving season: From March to November.
Rainy season: From December to February.
Water temperature: 27-30°C. A 3mm shorty should be more than sufficient.
Visibility: 10m-40m.
Depths: 10-45m.
Currents: Usually gently but can be strong.
Surface conditions: Calm.
Experience level: Beginner–intermediate-advanced.
Dive sites: >20.
Length of stay: Recommended 7-10 days on liveaboard cruise.



Airport: Manado. International flight direct to Manado.
Weather: 27-32 degrees. Indonesia has two seasons: wet and dry. In most of Indonesia the wet season is from October to April and the dry from May to September. Halmahera dry season is from March to November, wet season is from December to Frebruary.
Time zone: Maluku GMT +9.

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