Java: Borobudur and Prambanan, Bromo and Ijen

Java: Borobudur and Prambanan, Bromo and Ijen

Java, the most populated island of the Indonesian archipelago, the center of the country's culture, home to ancient great civilizations that have left behind temples buried by vegetation and then rediscovered in recent times, a land of great and destructive volcanoes, but which make the land so fertile as to allow the sustenance of a huge population.

The city of Yogyakarta and the nearby Surakarta (Solo) are undoubtedly the cultural capitals of the country, in these lands have prospered over the centuries, civilizations of different religions, first the Hindus, who left the temple complex of Prambanan, then the Buddhists, builders of the Borobudur, the largest temple in the world for the veneration of Buda. Finally, the advance of Islam adopted by the sultans of Yogya and Solo, which however have absorbed and maintained the traditions of the previous rulers. Amazing cultural transitions observed by the mighty Merapi, one of the 5 most destructive volcanoes in the world.

Following a path to the west of the island you can visit the Bromo-Tengger volcanic complex, a "lunar" environment with enormous craters, active volcanoes and savannahs. Even more to the east the volcano Ijien or Kawah Jien, which houses a turquoise lake inside, is in fact a sulfur quarry, where you can still assemble the daily struggle of the quarrymen, who tear the precious material, with a fatigue of other times, carrying loads of 80-100 kg on the shoulders going back first from inside the crater, then going down to the road, where the trucks wait. At night the sulphurous exhalations produce the called "Blue Flames" strips of blue light that cut the black of the night. Absolutely not to be miss it.

Finale of the trip: Bali, where the sweetness of life and the beauty of the landscapes are the perfect scenario for the last days of travel.

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