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Where to find whale sharks, Indonesia 2024

Anybody who has ever encountered a whale shark during a dive knows what an awe-inspiring and humbling experience it can be. Like the graceful manta ray, whale sharks are great favourites with divers and just seem to glide though the water, without a care in the world, feeding on microscopic plankton and other small organisms while all you have to do is keep up with them for a photo or video scene. Well, now we want to talk to you about other places where whale sharks can be found besides Cenderawasih Bay.



Last updated: January 20, 2024

Whale Sharks Encounters

Here you will find opportunities to scuba diving and snorkeling with Whale Sharks in Indonesia. Most of them are the last availabilities and sell out very fast!

Whale Shark Cruises in Indonesia

In Indonesia it is common, from Bali all the way to West Papua, for fishermen to utilize floating bamboo rafts, anchored to the seabed, to attract fish. Called FADs (fish aggregation devices) or, more traditionally in Indonesia, rompongs, they are employed in open water ways from reefs to act like a floating weed bed habitat that will attract tiny fish and other marine life.

Once a community has been established under the device it is not long before more and progressively larger fish are attracted to it and fishing can commence.

Now, a variation of the rompong called as “bagan” is used in Cenderawasih Bay by the fishermen, almost all of whom are from Sulawesi incidentally. What these guys do is catch tiny bait fish in nets and hang them in the water as bait for the larger pelagic animals, to speed up the natural progression of life under the bagan. What happens here though is that they get a lot more than they bargain for. Whale sharks are not shy about adjusting their planktonic diet with something a little more substantial, bait fish for example, so these majestic creatures started to gather under the bagans and suck at the nets for a free meal. Fortunately for us and more so for the whale sharks, the local fishermen took their presence as a good luck omen!

As an extension of the fishermen’s interaction with these animals, dive liveaboards are now visiting the bagans and the fishermen allow divers to get in the water with them to film, photograph and observe these majestic beasts at their leisure. As their free feed is static, the whale sharks tend to stick around for quite a time and, as well as swimming around the platforms, have adopted a “vertical in the water” feeding position unique to the area. A bonus to this whale shark tea party is that it is also possible to catch a glimpse of some of the pelagics that the bagans are there to attract, with sightings of sail fish and marlin being recorded.


The best place to dive and swim with whale sharks in Indonesia!

Scientists of Conservation International have confirmed what Cruising Indonesia knew since 2010 when decided supported Ahe Dive Resort Papua: the whale sharks of Cenderawasih Bay are not seasonal -as many of other well-known whale shark aggregations in the world such as Ningaloo, Galapagos and Donsol. The whale sharks of Cenderawasih Bay are present in the bay year round!


In Cruising Indonesia, we are happy and celebrates the facts confirmed in the last research of Conservation International about the Cenderawasih whale sharks behaviour, cause it means visitors can pretty much plan a trip any time of the year and have a very good chance of excellent whale shark interactions. These are really great news for marine tourism in the region of Cenderawasih Bay. 

And we were not the only ones to knew about it, but also all our costumers and friends of Cruising Indonesia, that set out on an expedition to West Papua attracted by one promise only: You will positively see whale sharks in your next diving travel vacation!

In Cenderawasih Bay you will always have a good chance of excellent interaction with the whale sharks.

Many videos and pictures of UW Photo Pro have remain as a testimony of this spectacle of the nature.

Contact Cruising Indonesia for a professional advice for planning and organizing your diving trip in Cenderawasih Bay.

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Whale Sharks in Cendrawasih Bay

Cenderawasih Bay is a destination diveable by liveaboard ONLY. At the time of writing, the only available and recommended option to visit the dive sites of Cenderawasih Bay is on a dive cruise, and the only liveaboard diving in Cendrawasih Bay is Dewi Nusantara from July to August, but it is possible to organize private charter cruises on other months because diving is practicable in Cenderawasih Bay all year round. Due to the remoteness of the region from the nearest ports the minimum duration of the liveaboard trip is 10 nights.


Whale Sharks in Triton Bay

There are 2 options for diving Triton Bay, from resort with Triton Bay Divers and from liveaboard with Seven Seas, Dewi Nusantara, Seahorse, Ambai, Ondina, and few other liveaboards that visit the region of Kaimana occasionally in coincidence with the diving season in Raja Ampat from September to March. Due to the remoteness of the region from the nearest ports the minimum duration of the liveaboard trip is 10 nights. Because diving is practicable year round it is possible to organize private charters on request throughout the year.


Whale Sharks in Sumbawa, East Komodo

This dive destination is visited occasionally in coincidence with the diving season in Komodo from May to June. Due the long to the long sailing distance the minimum duration of the liveaboard trip is 10 nights. There are only few itinerant liveaboards visiting East Komodo: Seven Seas, Oceanic and other liveaboards that following their trails. It is possible organize private charters on request.


Whale Sharks in the Indonesian Borneo, plus Orangutan Tour as extension trip

The whale sharks of Indonesia Borneo is the new diving destination uncovered by Cruising Indonesia to interact with the "Gentle Giants of Indonesia". Encountering whale sharks is possible by diving, snorkeling or simply swimming. These diving or snorkeling trips are custom-made on request. Recommended duration of the trip: 7 nights. It is possible to add our Orangutan Tour to these diving or snorkeling trips as an extension of your trip. Yes, you read that right! You can find whale sharks and orangutans in the same travel! Contact us for further information.


Where to find whale sharks in Indonesia Where to find whale sharks in Indonesia

Where to find whale sharks in Indonesia Where to find whale sharks in Indonesia


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