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Banda Sea 2024 Dive Cruise Deals

Special offers on liveaboard diving and snorkeling trips in Banda Sea, Indonesia with reliable and experienced liveaboards only! 

Liveaboard Diving Deals 2024 Banda Sea Indonesia

Limited time offer valid until date or condition defined - Flexible payments and terms & conditions - Last updated 15 March 2024

Last Minute Dive Cruises Deal 2024 Banda Islands & Forgotten Islands

Find here the latest last minute liveaboard deals for scuba diving and snorkeling in Banda Islands, The Ring of Fire, Kei Islands and Forgotten Islands. These liveaboard deals sell out very fast, book now!

Liveaboard diving offers in Banda Islands

Our liveaboard diving offers in Banda Sea 2024 inclusions:

All our diving packages include: accommodations on board, all meals and snacks, 3 dives a day + 1 night dive, or snorkeling for no divers, land tours every day, return airport/hotel transfers.

Dive Cruise Deals in Banda Sea 2024:

Liveaboard diving and snorkeling in Banda Sea

Triton Bay-Banda Sea dive cruise, March 29-April 9 2024, 11 nights, USD 7979 -USD 1595 USD 6384

Banda Sea-Raja Ampat dive cruise, May 7-18 2024, 11 nights, USD 7979 -USD 1595 USD 6384

Halmahera-Misool-Banda Sea dive cruise, April 15-27 2024, 12 nights, USD 7740 -20% USD 5952

Ring of Fire Ambon-Maumere dive cruise, April 29-May 12 2024, 13 nights, USD 7605 -10% USD 6845

Ring of Fire Maurmere-Ambon dive cruise, September 22-October 5 2024, 13 nights, USD 8060 -20% USD 6448

Banda Sea-Raja Ampat dive cruise, October 7-18 2024, 11 nights, USD 6820 -15% USD 5797

Forgotten Islands dive cruise deal - August 30-September 13, 2024 - 14 nights - EUR 5930 -20% EUR 4744

Banda Sea dive cruise, April 15-26 2024, 11 nights, USD6700 -15% USD5695

Banda Sea dive cruise, September 23-October 4 2024, 11 nights, USD6700 -15% USD5695


Charters Deals in Banda Sea Indonesia 2024

All our charters in Banda Sea include: the crew including captain, cruise manager, chef and dive masters; fuel; all meals and snacks, drinking water beverages; scuba diving for certified divers, water sports equipment, return airport/hotel transfers.


The Liveaboard Destination: The Banda Sea

7000m deep open sea, the Banda Sea is a vast region of Indonesia, with no just one but many destinations for diving cruises in Banda Islands, Forgotten Islands, Kei Islands, Ring of Fire and new itineraries to be discovered and explored every new diving season.

The Forgotten Islands Itinerary

The Forgotten Islands in Banda Sea

The Forgotten Islands form a long chain of islands and atolls that are part of the South Moluccas © 2014 Cruising Indonesia


The Ring of Fire Itinerary

The Ring of Fire in Banda Sea

The Ring of Fire itinerary traverses volcanic islands and ancient coral reefs


The Kei Islands Itinerary

The Kei Islands in Banda Sea

The Kei Islands have long been known above all for the most beautiful white beaches in Indonesia


All about Banda Sea

Do you want to know everything about Banda Sea? The best station to dive, all the dive sites, the easiest way to get there, other activities besides scuba diving... just follow the link: Everything About Banda Sea

Banda Sea* offers some of the most spectacular Indonesia's dive sites and is ideal for scuba diving from liveaboard. The chosen travel period is timely, Banda Sea is only "diveable" in between the moonson's changing seasons, between mid Sept and mid Nov, when flat seas bring optimal diving conditions. (*) Banda Sea offers several itineraries, in a glance: (1) (2) (3) (4). Book your liveaboard holidays in Banda Islands now!


It was an epic dive cruise from Papua to Maluku organized by Cruising Indonesia on a special itinerary from Sorong to Ambon on the dive boat Ondina. Learn everything about our last charter in Banda Sea: All About Our Last Banda Trip

Cruises for scuba divers in Banda Sea Indonesia


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