with Ondina Liveaboard we are sailing amazing routes in Papua and Maluku. Image: Ondina Liveaboard in Banda Sea

Diving Trip in Banda Sea From Papua to Maluku with Ondina

An Epic Dive Cruise from Raja Ampat to Moluccas on Ondina Liveaboard

Celebrating the 19 years of SMY Ondina, we will be diving and navigating with her on the amazing route from Papua to Maluku this October 2019. Ondina Liveaboard is not only a romantic and classic 7-sail schooner that you will fall in love with from the first moment you get on board, but also the pioneer of the Liveaboard in Indonesia, indeed she is able to offer in each trip a true pleasure experience for all lovers of diving and travel on liveaboard.

Dive Dampier, Misool, Fiabacet Island Group, Karang Hatta, Pulau Koon, Ai  and Run


Diving trip from Dampier Strait's richest marine life and Misool's biodiversity to Pacific Ocean’s deep blue, home of Archipelago’s pelagic animals, and the ultimate eye-opener: the hammer-sharks of Banda Sea.

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Special Liveaboard Trip Banda Sea in October 2019

This is a rare opportunity to take a dive cruise to a region where the waters have remained effectively unspoilt: Banda Sea. The area offers some of the most spectacular Indonesia's dive sites and is ideal for scuba diving from liveaboard. The chosen travel period is timely, Banda Sea is only "diveable" in between the moonson's changing seasons, and October brings flat seas with optimal diving conditions.


Itinerary Sorong-Ambon with SMY Ondina

Day 1: Pick up at Sorong airport, transfer to the boat, welcome drink and accommodation. Check dive in the afternoon at one of the reefs surrounding Sorong. Overnight sailing to Misool.

Day 2: Welcome to the extraordinary Misool! Two dives in Sagof, afternoon in Baby Rock and night dive in Nudi City (Gamfi).

Day 3: Two dives in Jamur Boo (Boo Rocks) and night dive in Yilliet.

Day 4: Dive the fabulous reefs of the Fiabacet group, such as Nudi Rock, Tank Rock, Whale Rock and Shadow Reef (aka Manta Mountain). Optional visit to Misool Eco Resort and overnight sail to Pulau Koon.


Day 5: Three day dives around the very strategic eastern point of Pulau Koon, where the walls on both sides of the island converge into a sandy plateau facing a deep trench, congregating large masses of fish and the added excitement of some pelagic sightings.

Day 6: Dive around Karang Hatta and other sites in the Banda group. Night in Bandaneira, the most beautiful natural anchorage of Indonesia. Dusk dive at the mandarinfish site.

Day 7 & 8: Dive the famous sites in Ai and Run Islands, with sheer walls offering excellent drift dives along massive barrel sponges, giant fans and schools of fish, and the eventual presence of larger fish.

Afternoon dive in the Lava Flows, a stunning hard coral garden that grew at a astounding speed after Gunung Api’s last eruption in 1988.


Day 9: Cultural visit around Bandaneira, the heart of the Spice Islands: Fort Rotterdam, the Governors House and the nutmeg plantation.

Dive Batu Kapal around noon and Pulau Soanggi in the afternoon. Overnight to Nusa Laut.

Day 10: Two dives at the famous site Ameth’s Knoll, a reef parallel to the coast that the local villagers have protected since the old times, to allow fish to spawn and spill over to adjacent areas. Afternoon and night dives at the next village to the south.

Day 11: Two muck dives around the jetties at the Twilight Zone, with a vast array of critters and oddities to be found. Preparation for departure the morning after. 

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Bandeneira & Spice Islands with Cruising Indonesia


For sure you have hear about The Moluccas -or Maluku, as it is known in diving books- the group of islands and states once ruled by various kingdoms and empires, sometimes lived in peaceful coexistence while at other times being at state of war with each other, sultanates and western european powers disputed these territories long before Indonesia existence. A fascinating land excursion in Bandeneira, once center of Spice Islands, give you a special feeling about this place full sultans history and colonial influence.

Banda Sea Diving Cruise 13-Oct-19 - 24-Oct-19 Ondina Liveaboard

11 night diving trip with SMY Ondina Liveaboard, suitable for divers interesting in wide angle, macro and pelagic; price per person on shared cabin double or twin EUR 3630. Just few spaces left. Join the group now!


The price of this dive cruise with Ondina Liveaboard is in Euro per person, on double cabin shared. Ask for a quotation in your preferred currency, we can deal the better ex-change rate for you: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, CAD, YEN, HKD, SGD, and many others currencies.

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What is included?

  • One transit night in Airport Hotel at your arrival in Indonesia, complimentary by Cruising Indonesia (*)
  • Arrival and departure airport transfer
  • Accommodation on board, meals and snacks
  • Aqua, tea and coffee
  • 3 dives a day + 1 night dives according on board program
  • Excursions according on board program
  • Tanks and weights
  • Toiletry
  • Free advice about connecting flights and eventual stop over in Indonesia
  • National Parks Fee

Mandatory surcharges

  • Diving Fees: taxes and permits to be paid on board to the cruise director € 200

Optional bookable and payable in advance

  • International and domestic flights
  • Transit nights after/before the dive trip

Optional payable on board

  • Nitrox
  • Soft drinks and beers
  • Expresso
  • Masseuse
  • Laundry
  • Satellital phone calls

Terms & Conditions

  • We have a few and simple rules, please take your time to carefully read them:
  • A 20% deposit for booking confirmation, this deposit is no reimbursable
  • 100% must be paid 90 days before cruise departure

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