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Special Offer: Sultans of the Reef - Maluku Explorer € 1716 - Feb 2019

Diving Vacation Winter 2019 - Special Offer - Liveaboard 11 NN - € 1716

"An Epic Diving Trip in Moluccas Sea, from Northern Sulawesi to Northern Moluccas, to experience great diving in areas less known of Indonesia and immersion on the Culture of Sultanates and the Golden Era of Spice Islands..."

-20% Off Special Offer Diving Vacations - February 2019 - Maluku Explorer

Before EUR 2145 - Now from EUR 1716 + FREE 1 night at Airport Hotel at your arrival in Indonesia to be fit since your first dive, complimentary by Cruising Indonesia

Diving Trip Sulawesi-Halmahera, Itinerary: Bitung-Ternate, Liveaboard: Maluku Explorer

This diving trip Bitung-Ternate is a unique cruise happening regularly once a year and on 2019 will done from Feb 09 to Feb 20, starting in Northern Sulawesi and finishing at Northern Moluccas.

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The regular trip price is EUR 2145, but currently with the promo "Sultans of the Reef", an offer of 20% applies and the price after discount is now EUR 1716.

On this trip 3 dives are offered daily, some times 4, including a sunset or night dive. You should have a minimum of 50 dives and be aware and prepared that we can encounter strong currents.

What is included?

  • Arrival and departure airport transfer
  • Accommodation on board
  • Full board: meals and snacks
  • Drinking waters, tea and coffee
  • 3-4 dives a day, except for the first and last day
  • Excursions according to on board program
  • Tanks and weights


Mandatory Surchages

  • Diving Fees to be paid on board -Marine Park, Local Taxes, Harbour Clearance: €200 per person

Optional Bookable and Payable in Advance

  • Domestic flights
  • Transit night in airport hotel after or before your cruise

Optional Payable on Board

  • Soft drinks, beer, alcoholic beverages, expresso coffee
  • Nitrox
  • Tips to the crew
  • Onboard communications
  • Dive courses

Booking and contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Flights and travel information


Arrival airport: MANADO - Departure airport: TERNATE

Embarking port: BITUNG - Disembarking port: TERNATE

You will need a flight from Manado-Ternate-Manado in connection with your international flights.

At your arrival at airport, our cruise director and staff will be there to pick you up: you will easily identify them wearing their Liveaboard T-shirt and a folder mentioning your name and our logotype.

Check in: the cruise starting date, around 12:00pm. Check out: at the cruise ending date, around 12:00pm.

You might need spend one transit night before and after your diving trip depending of your international flights.



Lembeh is the Mecca for Muck Diving, so you know can what you can wait at it's best! Different species of seahorses, octopuses, nudibranch and many other weird critters can be found. A heaven for macro lovers. Good buoyancy skills are a must!


Rising between Halmahera and Sulawesi, in the very deep open Sea of the Maluku, the dive sites around Tifore are mostly plateau’s with sheer walls and steep slopes. Here we can find a school of thousands barracudas and trevallys hanging in the current. This is a great dive site where your adrenaline gets going.



The Goraichi Islands have many great dive sites with one of the most amazing fish life zones in Halmahera. Stunning reefs overgrown with colorful hard and soft corals. Also pelagic coming by. Oceanic white tip sharks have been spotted.


Mantas can be seen around PULAU LELEI AND TOLIMAO. On Pulau Lelei we have a chance to visit the local village and walk around a bit taking selfies with the local inhabitants.



We can offer a great land tour organised by the Tourism Department of South Halmahera. This normally includes visiting the old Portuguese fort, traditional dancing, local market, and a few more.


Black sand diving, similar to Lembeh and Panambuang. A descent macro site where good critter life can be found.


In front of the Mosque there are a few wrecks on diveable depth. A perfect spot to do the last dive day with. Crocodile flatheads, nudibranchs, ghost pipefishes, etc. can be seen.

Booking and contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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